Removed from being an elder for being over weight?

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  • frankiespeakin

    In the Waterbury Conneticut area there was a circut overseer named Caramelous (Greek name not sure of spelling). This brother more than 30 years back was having all the Congregation Servants removed because they where over weight. I guess they used not moderate in habits (eating too much) as a scriptural reason. I was not an elder at the time so I only heard other elder talking about this guy who went thru the circut and remove every servant except 2 they called him a real Jehu.

    Anybody else familiar with this CO?

  • Swan

    This is especially true if the extra weight is due to carrying around a dozen copies of CoC.


  • Bubbamar

    Hehehe When I was being drilled before my baptism (at age 13) and they allowed me to ask any final questions - my question was this: "If people can be DF'ed for smoking - because it's bad for your body - why aren't people DF'ed for being fat - that's bad for your body too?"

    They just lauged at me. I should have ran for the door then.

  • frankiespeakin

    Sorry for the blank post,,it just posted by itself before I wrote my post.

    Not all were removed for being over wieght but quite a few were,,When I met him at a wedding he was pretty skinny.

  • Jim_TX

    "Ahhhh yes...", *he says, thumbs hooked in suspenders - looking piously over horn-rimmed glasses*

    "Moderation in all things. Whether it be eating... or drinking...", he continues.

    "...or attending metings?", asks a small voice from the back of the room.

    Suddenly the entire room is a-buzz with whispering. Who dares to interrupt Bro. Pious, as he gives his discourse?

  • Makena1

    "remove every servant except 2 they called him a real Jehu. "

    Been awhile since I read book of Judges - but I think I get it. Jehu killed fat king Eglon with a left handed sword thrust - or something like that.

    If this CO had lived in those days, he might have gone on a crusade!

  • dannyboy

    Never heard of that CO, but:

    If such a rule/concept were REALLY enforced, there would sure be a lot less Elders and MS's........HAH.


  • frankiespeakin

    I had one elder he was about 20+ years older than myself we were friends he used to call me on the phone and chew my ear off,,I liked him so I didn't mind. He would always bring it up to every overwieght elder about how this CO would remove elders for being heavy,,he even had the nerve to bring it up to one over weight CO and pointed to him being a little heavy (with a smile). He's dead now died about 8 years ago.

  • candidlynuts

    i remember as a kid at an 8 day outdoor assembly a heavy set fella in a 3 piece suit getting up to give a talk and my dad saying " ooo boy this ones gonna faint".............and he did.. after that every time i was at an assembly i'd pay attention to talks given by heavy men just to see if they fainted lol

  • lawrence


    Great! Did you take bets on the hot afternoons?

    Elder Reduction Centers' (ERCs)

    Perhaps there is an opportunity for a fat farm for elders. Seeing that running the microphones hasn't helped, and the number on the 'B' team is miniscule (M.S.), then there should be an offer on the table to the G.B. to sponsor 'Elder Reduction Centers' (ERCs).

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