Bethel's feeling the heat!

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  • ozziepost

    It's now 1:30am at Bethel in Australia and all is quiet but awaiting the new day when the forecast temperature for this late spring day is:

    Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
    New South Wales
    Issued at 5:54pm on Monday the 29th of November 2004

    For the remainder of Monday

    Dry. Moderate northeast winds.

    Precis for Monday

    Sydney: Dry.
    Liverpool: Dry.
    Penrith: Dry.
    Richmond: Dry.

    UV Index: 12 [Extreme] decreasing to 8 [Very High] under cloud.

    For Tuesday

    Dry. Very hot. Mainly sunny, although some high cloud at times.
    Moderate west to northwest winds becoming fresh to strong and gusty.

    Precis For Tuesday Min Max

    Sydney: Very Hot. Windy. 20 42
    Liverpool: Very Hot. Windy 19 42
    Penrith: Very Hot. Windy 19 42 Richmond: Very Hot. Windy 18 42

    UV Index: 11 [Extreme] decreasing to 8 [Very high] under cloud.

    Will there be much "House-to-House today??

  • Dansk

    Not the heat I was hoping for!

  • DanTheMan

    For my fellow Americans, 42 degrees celsius = 108 degrees fahrenheit.


  • kwintestal

    Aw man! I was hoping for some dirt!

    We're in for rain, and lots of it here in Halifax. We were checking out a rental car (our is in for repairs), and I really felt bad for the guy who had to run out and inspect it. Man was he soaked by the time he got back in to us!


  • minimus

    Oz, don't EVER criticize any of my posts again!!

  • Sunnygal41

    Woohoo! 108, huh? I went to Las Vegas one summer and it was 115 one day........thought I was gonna die.........or melt into a puddle of fat..........LOL.......can you see it......."yep, that grease stain right thar is all that remains of Terri "Sunnygal"....... Terri

  • ozziepost
    don't EVER criticize any of my posts again

    Now, Min, would i ever do that???

  • ozziepost

    OK, it's mid-morning here and Bethel's looking very quiet!! No one's running to Shipping today!!

  • Leolaia

    The Honolulu Bethel Church and Sailor's Home sure felt the heat in April 1886 when it burned to the ground in the Great Fire.

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight

    OMG Ozzie... I was expecting some good goss!!

    Gawd, i love this heat!

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