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  • Freedom Fighter
    Freedom Fighter

    Every year at this time is when my mind turns to childhood and to be perfectly honest it always makes me a feel a bit sad. Like the previous posters I found the Christmas season total torture. Certainly, the old 'get presents all year round' cliche appears to be fairly universal.

    It was always so paradoxical that at a time when everyone was having so much fun I would associate it with unhappiness. I was fortunate that I had great teachers at primary school level who were very understanding and tried their best to minimise my awkwardness. One teacher in particular always made sure I got a card that was non - Christmassy, so that I had a card from teacher in the same way as the other kids. Also, I received a present but it was wrapped in 'neutral' paper. This meant a lot to me.

    Looking back, like many others on the board who were put through this as a child, we all must have been strong little critters having coped with all of this. Even though all of this was a few years ago, I can still feel the hurt and pain as if it was yesterday, this kind of stuff can really leave a scar and always surfaces at this time of year like an old friend who has definitely outstayed their welcome.

    What was also important was that I couldn't really explain to the other kids about all of this, I actually didn't understand very much of it myself.

  • blondie

    It is good to remember than not only JWs don't celebrate Xmas, Jews and Muslims for example. I spent many an afternoon with an Orthodox Jewish girl when I was a JW and we were excused from the Christmas events. Then there are the families that are too poor to buy gifts or a tree or special foods. I was happy to not only celebrate Thanksgiving this year but donated enough money (not that much) to make dinner possible for 4 families. You might not be able to change the circumstances of some but you can for others.


    Thanks (giving)

  • mrsjones5

    Yes Jews dont celebrate Christmas but they do celebrate "the festivale of lights" Chanukkah around the same time and I looked it up and the Jewish religion has at least 17 holidays in one year. There are at least 5 Islamic holidays with Ramadan being the most well known and celebrated about a month before Christmas. My point being those two religions have celebrations that filled a need of celebration, cohesion and faith and all we jw kiddies had was the dry celebration (if you can call if that) of the memorial.

    And being in the bOrg as a child was hard cuz I for one really wanted to do everything that everyone else was doing but I was taught that it was evil therefore I felt that I must be evil down deep to want to do what the "worldly kids" were doing i.e. getting presents, caroling, attending christmas parties, etc.

    Mrs Jones (who's kids think jws lead very boring lives)

  • MelbaToast

    Psst...wanna hear something a little strange: my mom has started a "presents day". Thats right, two time a year they wrapup presents for eachother and exchange em. What a crock! I never had that growing up...but my mom is way soft, compared to when I was growing up...I'm still waiting for my presents.

    I remember each year going to my uncles house and it being all decorated for christmas and secretly wishing I could just stay there until christmas day! He had the best garlands for the tree: Lifesavers, a new one each year.

    Now its my turn. I get to enjoy christmas with my family. We'll wake up Christmas morning with our kahlua and coffee and watch the baby tear into some boxes. I cant wait

  • Gill

    Good for you, Melbatoast!!

    I can't even remember once receiving a present from my parents in all the years I lived with them until my first wedding anniversary.

    Presents, to me, always make me feel sad for all the ones I never had.

    There is no joy in being a JW, nothing to celebrate, nothing to look forward to that doesn't involve the Borg.

    My older children will have their first christmas and for my younger ones i hope it will be the first of many in their childhood.

    Nowadays it just represents a time to be together and celebrate being together and that's just what it will be, I hope.

    My husbands just finished decorating his garden shed! The big chicken!

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