Depression & Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • wizedup

    Good thread, Minimus! From experience I can tell you I was depressed since I was 22. I'll try to be short. Became a witness at age 22, already married to an abusive man for 1 year. We were tortured emotionally and mentally ( I say we because we eventually had three children). The abuse surfaced when he heard HE was the HEAD of the house. We lived in constant fear and stress. Elders were always at our house with council for BOTH of us, telling me if I left him I could NEVER have Jehovah's blessing and certainly could never remarry. At the meetings you are told the elder's council comes from God himself. After 20 years of this I broke down. I could not understand what I was doing so wrong that Jehovah wouldn't help me. My children were a wreck. Abuse goes on more often than any dub will admit. I hid it for years (mainly because I felt I was the ONLY one, and the elders see you and say," Come on, SMILE!", you do.)

    Once that relationship ended, and I remarried a wonderful man, we were persecuted endlessly by x-mates. Lies, slander, rumors. Tormented from congregation to congregation. No one could/would stop it. To this day my three children think of their step-father as Dad because their biological father disowned them. (mind you, we were all still in good standing!) Now you sit at the meetings and hear the "love we have among us", and try to make sense of why your own life is soooo screwed up. Then the x-mate becomes a servant 6 mos. later and an elder after that. Think of it, HE is giving council to people with problems. SISTERS!! LISTEN UP! HE IS COUNCILING YOU TODAY!! But, the elders are appointed by holy spirit, so where does all this leave a sane person? You are forced to go the elders only, who have NO earthly business in your affairs and are even told not to get involved by Brooklyn, no power to help or protect you, commit the same sins/crimes as the ones they council. Then they get "promoted " for doing so and are proud that holy spirit chose them! This is detrimental to anyone's sanity.Then besides what REALLY goes on at home, you have the DO MORE complex to deal with as stated in above posts.

    For a more detailed account of REAL reasons for depression, please read "Mr.& Mrs. Wizedup's DA letter", I posted today. What I just told you is mild compared to the rest that I have no room for on one post.

    We just celebrated one year of freedom, and the mental clairty is returning. It feels truly refreshing! Jesus said, " Come to ME all you who are toiling and loaded down, and I will refresh you!" He has! He has!

    Are JW's depressed? With all the hidden anxiety, there's no way they can't be. The system they serve under is set up for it. If you break someone's spirit, you'll own them for life.

  • Elsewhere

    All I can say is that I was on two anti-depressants when I was a JW and I was able to stop taking both shortly after submitting my DA letter.

  • DaCheech


    you are going through alot and love to you, and health!

    I can prove that there no holy spirit see

    we are brainwashed!

  • shamus

    Oh, you little topic starter...

    I suffered from horrible depression. My problem was I had extreme anxiety and found that there was no way out of my situation. What was I going to do? Grow old and die??? I was really good at nothing... along comes the 'good news' in my severely depressed state! I fell for it like a ton of bricks. Problem was my depression did not abate. Going to meetings literally tore the guts out of me after years of hearing the same old whining "you're not doing enough, you're not doing enough". Did you ever stop and listen to how negative the meetings were? The amount of counsel that we recieved??????? It was non-stop. Do this, do that, don't do that!!! You're bad!

    When I went on anti-depressants I quit "the truth" soon after. I saw right through the B.S. And yes, everyone in that screwed up religion.... good god.... is so efing messed up, pardon my language. So many emotional problems. Extreme anti-social behavior, lonely people, desperate people... I found that for every normal person there were twenty complete morons there. The only normal ones usually were the young ones who usually lead double lives.

    Now when I see Jehovahs Witnesses they are Janitors and other menial people! It boggles my mind how pathetic these people are still in this day and age. They need anti-depressants to continue on a life course that has no meaning and are usually completely unintelligent, exceptions noted. They are truly pathetic, and I'm sorry that I was ever one of them. But it was a huge learning experience for me and made me a humble person. My life is moving on now and it's so much for the better, even though I was talked into a cult.

  • Redneckgurl

    What makes it even worse is going to a meeting or an assembly (especially Circuit Assembly!) when you are a bit down, in a slump, or actually depressed, and then getting a dose of GUILT, and more GUILT and you leave feeling like you are worth NOTHING and a big loser!! I couldn't stand it anymore! I noticed it so much more and it was unbearable when I started going through depression several years ago. Thank goodness my husband started questioning things and I found a way out of my darkness! Oh, BTW, Prozac and Wellbutrin have helped a lot too!

    a member of NAMI and CABF

  • minimus

    My mom is THE most guilty person that I know of! She's naturally like that but I'm sure the "truth" didn't help.

  • minimus

    Wized up said, "the mental clarity is returning".....How true! When you step outside of the box, it is a humbling experience. You get to see how INSANE all these rules are!

  • one

    interesting coincidence?

    HELL NO.

    i have "witnessed" a whole bunch going from depression to totally INSANE, leterally.

    a few vistis to mental profesional, not neccesarily psyquiactric but psycology, will pull them out their trouble.

    But they are too proud or brainwashed to go to such infamous professionals.. WT has the answer to everything, you know.

    Well, lately seem like WT waver or about to surrender according to some mag articles mentioned here (i dont read the mags)

  • minimus

    Old time Witnesses feel going to "worldly" therapists is wrong and if they did go, they would make sure that they said nothing to make "Jehovah's name" look bad.

  • missy04

    Not only are lots depressed,..they prey on depressed people too!!! I know that first hand.


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