Poems anyone?

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  • DIY2008

    My Life

    My life - declared an impossibility by man

    And yet I live it

    Day by day

    The hardships, the pain

    All of it seems so natural

    Anything but what I experiance does not exsist

    Leaving me in a dark void



    Shaking from exhaustion, from cold

    I curl into a ball and shriek "MY LIFE"

    Echo, echo, echo

    No one is there to hear it, to hear me

    Love has never been; no joy, no happiness

    Anger, hate, frustration, agression

    A scream and them silence

    My life - nonexsistant to man

    *yawn* I wrote that one last night

  • lisaBObeesa


    I think of tomorrow,

    Of what spells I might cast

    with my awsome power,

    What transformations,

    What reincarnations,

    What happy time travels

    to my exciting past,

    What yesterdays I might change

    To satisfy all my "what if's"....

    No, ...

    I think instead

    I'll use my powers

    for Good.


  • blondie

    Gray waters swirling

    Lashing at the tan sand.

    White caps furling

    Spurting, foaming

    Looking like whip cream

    On gray pudding.

    The cruel wind smashes

    The water harder

    Grabbing and tearing

    The earth away.

    Hair streaming

    Cheeks freezing

    Face wet

    Heart rejoicing.

  • lawrence


    Partook mystic emblems with less than 10,000 worldwide in 1975, composing the Mystic Remnant

    Partook matzos and grape soda of Christ?s blood in shopping centre in Miami while men and women moaned, spoke in ?tongues?, and renewed their Christ vows, b ut where was God in their Christianity?

    Partook ganja tea with Mystic Rasta in Jamaica, w ho spoke of Christ as man, the fall of the first couple, the judgment, and the Kingdom to come

    Partook in singing 'Amazing Grace' at a church in Davie, Florida, w here guitars, tambourines, and drums left me with a haunting ache to light up a J & dance at this party

    Partook in chanting for world peace in 1977 before the first Reagan Regime; wanting to go back to visit the Buddhist shrine in Hawaii

    Partook of circles in New Mexico, Captain Cook, New Hampshire, and Rochester

    Partook as part of the Minyan, put on tefillin, was called up for an Aliyah, then said Kaddish for a dead brother on Yom Kippur

    Partook of the Ark of the Covenant, as I carried the Torah around other Partakers at Rosh Hashanah

    Partook of mushroom tea with a Mystic Jew and a group of bikers; we spoke about the heavens, as they spoke of sprockets

    Partook of chants in burial grounds in the White Mountains, Carlisle, Arizona, and Malden

    Partook of silence in Catholic churches in Boston, Media Pa., Stoneham, Malden, Munich, and Cozumel

    Partook of the rite of baptizing souls in a pool on a cold Sunday a.m. within a Mystic Ecstasy of John at the Jordan River

    Partook of giving a marriage talk, a burial talk, and talks against the ISM?s of mankind

    Partook, and now Partake of the poems; from the Souls of Mystics, Poets and Prophets

  • lawrence

    The Celtic Sanctuary/who?s sick anyway?

    (for R.D. Laing)

    and who?s sick anyway?

    the mad poet verbalizing reality in the catchy phrases

    or the man on the assembly line

    one rivet, a goosh, and the frame goes by

    or the woman on the inspection line

    good lime, good lime, acceptable blemish, BAD LIME

    or the mad poet doing a day on the line,

    chucking another job for unimportance

    buying a couple of lines, a jug of MD 20/20, and scribbling experience on the jug?s paper bag

    and tomorrow spent outside the mad whoosh

    tell us R.D., who the hell is sick anyway?

    mushroom parties get the poet cooking,

    so why not get a factory shift looking?

    looking at the mad poet scribbling on the underside of a Coors?s Lite beer carton

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