Poems anyone?

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  • wizedup

    Some Things Never Die

    The things you love that all have life, so quickly disappear.

    God's little furry creatures die, some only live a year.

    But, day after day when needed

    the rain beats down from the sky

    and you may know there is forever

    some things never die.

    Creation bespeaks of love, trees provide shade from the beating sun.

    Yet, in time, their leaves fall, branches die, their time too is done.

    But, day after day in gladness

    the clouds roll past the sky.

    You may look up and know for certain

    some things never die.

    Mankind may live, love and laugh, enjoying life from dusk 'til dawn

    But, soon with little warning you'll find, they too will be gone.

    Yet, look! The sun rise!

    How it lights the entire sky!

    Ah! You may know for sure there exists

    some things that never die.

    Even strong love can go wrong. The kind you thought would last forever.

    Through heartache and tears one day you find it gone. Was it worth all your endeavor?

    But, feel the solid earth beneath your feet.

    When it speaks it doesn't lie.

    It says, " I am here! Feel my solidity!"

    Some things never die.

    Even dreams and hopes of accomplishments can someday disappear, I know.

    Strengths, ambitions and self esteem can fade and lose their glow.

    So... of all the things that come and go,

    On none of them rely.

    Give over yourself to Jehovah who made

    all the things that can never die.

    By Wizedup

    P.S. Please do not confuse the WTS for Jehovah here.

  • DIY2008

    Strange One

    I sit and stare around the classroom

    Differance surrounds me and makes me weird

    But what do I care?

    Differance is a uniqueness of it's own

    That makes one jealous over one's differance

    Pushed aside

    Cast away

    Laughed at


    I look at them, grin, and walk away

    They laugh because i'm different

    They'll never understand me

    Very sad but true

    They treat me like an ailen from another country

    I pity them for it

    Because they will never understand what they don't see with their own two eyes

    They don't even try to solve the mysterys I have hidden behind the mask

    Shame on them

    I sit and stare around the classroom

    Little Girl

    A little girl sits upon her window seal, thinking about how her life could be

    She imagines a loving family

    Perfect in every way - not torn apart, together and one

    A father she never had

    Who comforts her and pulls her on his lap

    A mother who is always there

    Instead of working all the time

    A brother even

    Who defends her and pulls her hair

    As she imagines this, her name is being shouted throughout the house

    And things are shattering against her door

    She wipes tears from her eyes

    For these are only dreams and could never come to pass

    Hey, older guys who write poetry rock!

  • siegswife

    Through The Family Photo Albumn

    The little boy with golden hair
    and an old man's haunted eyes
    had no chance to be a child
    and rarely, if ever cries.

    He lost his mother at the age of eight
    and because his father had to roam
    was forced on various relatives
    and left without a home.

    The young man with dark brown hair
    and serious, studious eyes
    joined the army at just fifteen
    by telling many lies.

    He became a medic in Korea
    and helped heal many a friend
    but he can't forget the horror felt
    watching some suffer to the end

    Oh my father with balding hair
    and deep sadness in your eyes
    do you ever recall the little boy
    who forced himself not to cry?

    Though you seem to have a heart of stone
    you're more sensitive than you tell
    and I wish I could have known you
    before you went into your shell

    Oh my father who rarely speaks
    or reaches out his hand
    I believe I now know why you are...
    I believe I understand


  • lawrence


    The Holy Goof is always alive

    When we become beat, beautiful, and wise

    Able to laugh in the face of death

    Fear disappears, and we breathe deep breaths



    A smile radiates and we feel glad



    No need to sigh, or ever look back



    Eye contact with a million

    might only bring one set of eyes

    and with that one dance

    prance ?bout squares



    all worrying is done

  • siegswife

    Simple Mind

    I'm tired of you...

    and your simple mind

    that doesn't think

    and requires long convoluted explanations

    that defy all sense and reason...

    and faith

    You tire me...

    with your long drawn out answers

    that explain nothing

    and create empty lifeless images

    that defy reality and truth...

    and faith

    I hope you wake...

    from your endless attempt

    to simplify the simple

    with exhausting mental gynastics

    that defy love and life...

    and faith.


  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider

    You guys ROCK!

  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider

    Word Worker

    The tools of my trade clutter no wooden bench or truck seat.
    They are many and diverse.
    Some well worn and decidedly familiar to the touch, others yet to even be unwrapped, for the proper situation has yet to present, and they be used in the manner intended.
    I know where they all are, my tools, yet often have difficulty finding just the right one.
    Sure, many are multipurpose, but the right one, in the right place, at the right time, is what distinguishes the apprentice from the master, and a master is what I yearn to be.
    So I fumble through my tools, spending whatever time I must, to lay my hand on the right one. Once found my job proceeds again almost effortlessly, until I once again require that certain tool.
    I hope one day to have used them all and often.
    I hope their use will be appreciated by those who see the finished works.
    I hope my efforts are not for nothing, or that I am chasing the wind.
    It is said that if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.
    I have all the tools; I'd even buy the hat, if I could only be known as a word worker, a writer.

  • wizedup

    seigswife: Your "Family Album" will be on my mind all night.

    These are soooo good!

  • lawrence

    Double Booked The Shaman Of Machu Pichu

    The promoters double booked the shaman of Machu Pichu.

    Nor were the correct emails sent, and in this light this meant -

    The shaman of Machu Pichu couldn't be in two places at the same time.

    Obviously unable to become divine, or align himself with the Gregorian calendar.

  • Nosferatu

    She went to her local grocery store
    To buy a pack of cigarettes
    She sees her man in aisle four
    His arms around two brunettes

    Every waking moment
    Her heart was bleeding through

    She sat in a downtown bar and grill
    Drinking her martini
    She sees her man french kissing
    A long haired blonde beauty

    Every waking moment
    Her heart was screaming out

    Got his picture in her hand
    Pulls out a cigarette lighter
    As the tears fall off her face
    She sets the picture on fire

    She sees him at a restaraunt
    She pulls out a knife
    Grabs her man, kicks him in the balls
    And robs him of his life

    Every waking moment
    Her anger takes control

    Copyright 1998

    That one's going on my new album too!

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