Best turkey recipe?

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  • bebu

    Do you have one?

    Here's one I've used for years. I only urge caution if your oven fluctuates or is unreliable in temperature, or if you think the power will go out for some reason during the course of baking.

    Take your bird, get it all ready to roast (stuff it just before you are prepared to bake it). Spray it with cooking oil spray. Put it in a large pan, preferably on a rack of sorts.

    Preheat oven to 350 degrees (moderately hot oven). Bake the turkey for 1 hour. This kills any bad bugs on the skin.

    Now turn the heat down to 190 degrees, and bake it for one hour per pound. A 20-pound turkey bakes for 20 hours. (Don't worry! 190 degrees is safe and very effective for long-term cooking.) This is the same for stuffed/unstuffed turkeys. Take it out, let sit for about 15 min or so, and then carve.

    Benefits: you can get the bird baking well before the panic of Thursday hits. There is no splattering all over the oven. You never need to baste it, not even once. Once it's in the oven, you can forget about it till T-day dinner. The skin comes out perfectly brown. The drippings are more plentiful and better for gravy than anything I've dealt with before. You can let the turkey stay up to 2 hours longer, if needed, and it won't hurt it at all. And it is MOIST, not dry!

    If you want to try this recipe on a large turkey , start thawing it now (if it's still frozen) so that you can put it in the oven on Wednesday at the right time. (Calculate time carefully.)

    Drawbacks: you wake up on Thursday am, and the whole house smells like a roasted turkey. It's very hard to wait until dinner!!!

    Do you have a turkey recipe--or other special recipe--to share?


  • mrsjones5

    Martha Stewart's Turkey 101 is the best turkey I've ever made.

    that's where the recipe is i'ts call the Perfect Roast Turkey, i could't get the damn hyperlink to work.

    Hubby loves it and I'll be making it after Thanksgiving just so we can have the leftovers.

    Mrs Jones

  • Billygoat

    I've never baked a stuffed turkey, but my secret with any bird is to stuff it with a whole lemon or apple with a few holes poked into it. Makes the bird incredibly moist! I also bake it breast down. Keeps the drier meat constantly and naturally basted with the fat draining into it.

  • Scarlet

    We generally make a butter season spread with all kinds of herbs and then we put it all underneath the skin and on top of the bird and bake til the red thing pops it always turns out good. Another thing that turns out really good is pouring a bottle of white wine (drinkable white wine) over the bird after you put all butter and seasoning on it. I am making myself hungry and I have to wait til thursday.

  • bebu


    Do you mean that the apple/lemon is the only thing inside the bird? Or is it inside other stuffing? Sounds really interesting!


  • Valis

    I like to fry my turkey. I inject it w/fruit juices and spices the night before. I love it cuz it only takes me about an hour to fry up a 16-17 pound turkey. No watching it all day or oven mess. Just heat up the oil and drop the bird in...super sabroso!


    District Overbeer

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Nina smokes it with beer for several hours. Comes out very moist with a fantastic taste.

  • Maverick

    Take the biggest, fattest P.O. you can bribe with free food, stuff him with all the lastest WTS "spiritual" food, bake him for two days at a local quick build, garnish him with four Ministrial Servant Elder want-a-bees, sprinkle in lots of local gossip and you will have a major turkey feast!

  • sandy

    I have a question: I have a 25 lb frozen turkey. When should I take it out to thaw? I will be serving Dinner at 4:00 Thursday.

    I feel I have emphasize Thursday. MY JW family eats their Turkey the day before or the day after Thanksgiving Day. LOL

  • bebu

    Thaw that turkey SOON, sandy! It can take awhile. If you do it in your fridge, it can take up to 4 days. I think if you fill your sink up with cold water and let it thaw in that (change water from time to time) it goes a lot faster. You could have the turkey unfrozen by tomorrow night if you work at it.

    I wouldn't recommend thawing in a microwave.


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