Best turkey recipe?

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  • Insomniac

    Last year, I did this thing I read in Real Simple magazine, similar to what Scarlet (?) was talking about: I got a big ol' tub of herbed cream cheese spread (boursin) at the deli, and I mooshed it all up under the bird's skin before I baked it. The boursin melted into the meat, and apparently it was very moist and flavorful- I didn't try it, as I'm a vegetarian. I think I only basted it a couple of times, and the skin got crispy and garlicky while the meat stayed juicy.

    This year, my fabulous boyfriend is going to cook a feast for my mom and I. He's cooking a turkey, probably in one of those big bags they use for that- somehow, the bag, which is plastic, is ok to cook in, and traps all the steam to keep things juicy. Also, he's cooking a goose, with orange stuffing. This is a foreign concept to me, but apparently it's popular with Scandinavians like him. Geez, two birds and only two people who eat meat, we're gonna have a ton of leftovers.

  • Mulan

    I do it that way every year. It is absolutely fabulous.

  • bisous

    I take fresh sage leaves and insert them underneath the skin all over the bird. I also then give a generous rub down with unsalted butter and sel de mer.

    Tastes good and looks very pretty when served.

  • Special K
    Special K

    They are marketing this "Turkey in a Box" at one of our Canadian grocery stores.

    Probably a good thing for the person who really can't cook.


    PC Easy-Carve Turkey with Cranberry Stuffing and Gravy

    Semi-boneless seasoned turkey, wings removed, with bone-in drumsticks, a bread crumb and cranberry stuffing and a pouch of easy-to-prepare turkey gravy.


    Bebu, your receipe looks really interesting. I'll have to remember it when Christmas rush dinner comes.

    Special K

  • Steve Egner
    Steve Egner

    Here's another vote for smokin'!

    Before the bird goes in, I quarter up about a dozen oranges. Pack them tightly into the gut, and wire the legs shut if necessary.

    After a slow (10-12 hour) smoke, the bird is ready. The skin will be a dark, rich brown, and the meat will be moist throughout. The oranges impart a delicious flavor to most of the white meat.


  • bebu

    Apples, lemons, oranges... I've never heard of stuffing turkey with fruit like that before. Boursin sounds sooooo good! But I think my husband would not like it.

    Now I'm having a hard time deciding how to stuff this turkey--too many good choices!

    Special K, in our area the Safeway stores have complete dinners you can order for pickup on Thursday... about $30, and a complete meal for 4 (or more likely, 8). Don't know if they are still taking them at this point, though... I think one of the best benefits of that slow-roast recipe is that I can get such a big part of holiday cooking done early, and I'm not so rushed/stressed on Thursday (Thanksgiving).


  • Billygoat


    Yes, I mean just the fruit in the bird cavity. I don't typically stuff with dressing as I'm allergic to anything with wheat flour. I just put the fruit in and it keeps the bird VERY moist. With just a simple chicken, I spread a thin coat of vegetable oil, salt, pepper, and then sprinkle BTO (basil, thyme, oregano) on it very thickly. Put the fruit in the cavity and then tie the legs and wings tightly to the body. 2 hours later? Perfection.


  • Special K
    Special K
    I think one of the best benefits of that slow-roast recipe is that I can get such a big part of holiday cooking done early, and I'm not so rushed/stressed on Thursday (Thanksgiving).

    This all sounds goooooood to me, Bebu.

    We've started having our Christmas dinner on Dec 24th instead of the 25th. That sure has made Christmas Day a lot more enjoyable. Just opening presents, enjoying food stress.

    And my mother in law loves to make "Lobster Chowder" on Christmas day. She considers it her specialty and I couldn't be happier. so it's Turkey dinner on the 24th. Lobster chowder for noon meal on 25th and turkey dinner again on the 25th (leftovers). We are all well "stuffed"..LOL

    Less stress and rushing seems to suit me well.

    Special K

  • Scarlet

    Random Task makes an excellent apple sasuage stuffing it is so yummy it gives it such a good flavor.

  • candidlynuts

    the best turkey i ever always the one someone else cooked!

    after a lifetime of cooking i just wanna sit back and be served..i'll help with the dishes.

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