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  • anuva

    hi gill

    myself a newbie on this board..i am one of the bible study as they say ...

    i wish to tell you , a new recruit...who is read bible fantasies...is n't even aware of remotest of what is inside ,

    its very painful which you are going through, but that is the truth of WTBTs training, as i feel it, and i am thanksful to god he gave me mind discerning enough to know it.

    i fell it will really let them know the reality , if their this deed is shared at some PUBLIC worldy forum, something they really care so much to protect "reproach on ORG "

    and of course you work on reversing power of attorney

    best of luck for your path in future


  • outnfree


    I'm sorry this is happening to your Grandfather and you. I'll bet he'd MUCH rather be with the two of you than withering away in a nursing home far from everyone! But probably nobody ASKED him!

    I wish you success in your quest to have the power of attorney revoked.


  • Golf

    Gill, I've told this story before. When my mom got sick, nobody but nobody offered to take her in and help her even my young brother who is an elder. Sooooo much for telling others your a Christian. It was my DUTY to take her in and care for her. Only certain witnesses came and visited her (close friends) to my house. Surprisingly, they had announced on the platform that they can come and visit her at my home, a disfellowshipped person. So, I have an idea what your going through. That's the mentality of most JW's. I guess when you consider yourself 'special' everyone else is dirt. What a robotic life they lead. The best to you and hang in there. Guest77

  • bem

    Gill welcome to the board. and I am so sorry that your family and the grandfather are being treated so poorly.

    Sincerely Dorothy

  • Gill

    Thanks for your thoughts everyone, we do appreciate them.

    Outnfree - Grandpa was asked what he wanted to do and he said that his first wish was to live at home with carers coming in to help him and failing that he would like to live with us.

    They said NO!

    He came to stay with us for a couple of nights and his son threatened to have him sectioned under the mental health act if he didn't return to the care home. My father in law did not know that with our phone every one in the room could hear what he was saying to Grandpa and he said awful things about us and accussed my husband of violence in forcing him to stay at our house. The opposite had been true in that we had pleaded with him to go back to the nursing home because we knew it would cause trouble. But he wanted to stay with us and we let him.

    However, the son does have the power to have his father sectioned and held so we did not want that to happen to the old gentleman and so the next day we took him back.

    Maybe we were weak but I think sectioning would have broken him, and we knew how they could lie like Olympic lying champions.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours


    What an awful thing to do to this poor old man. I feel sorrow to read this happened.


  • crinklestein

    You will find that this behavior is very prevelant. It's better to hang out with non witnesses than with witnesses in bad standing. What the hell sense does that make? Anyway, yes this is a very sad story. I just hope that justice is served and when they are old they are treated just as bad. Then while they are wasting away wondering why they have been forsaken they will be aware of the evils they have done.

  • Gill

    Thanks for all your interest. Sometimes when people do something so blatantly wrong you start to wonder if it's yourself or them that's in the wrong because it's such a bad thing to do. How could they?

    But, I'm a great believer in 'what goes around comes around.'

    Unfortunately that doesn't help Grandpa at the moment but it gives me a certain 'smug' feeling for what will happen to them in the future.

    In the meantime we're writing to 'the Court of Protection' for help, though I don't know whether they can do very much.

  • Sassy

    that is so sad Gill! I sure hope you can get this to go through so you can help him. I have a feeling you have quiet a battle ahead though. Usually direct heirs will get first options unfortunately

  • Fleur

    Gill, I am so sorry for your troubles. I have been through similiar situations with my family, and they are just heartbreaking.

    Sending you hugs and hopes that somehow you get to bring Grandpa home.


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