We're not Suitable!

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  • Gill

    My husband and myself used to be witnesses, but not for quite a long while now. Every last member of both our families are witnesses so I guess we're the proverbial black sheep, but we haven't been disfellowshiped or have me disassociated, just drifted quietly away.

    My husbands grandfather, who is ninety-seven now, suffered a stroke a year ago. He spent several months in hospital. All he wanted to do was go back home or if he couldn't do that then live with members of his family but none of them could have him with them and some just wouldn't!

    My husband has always been very close to this elderly gentle man and we approached the family and the grand father and asked if we could have him live with us.

    The reaction from the JW relatives was akin to us offering to sell Grandpa for medical research.

    We were finally told by my father in law that we were not suitable as we did not attend the meetings and so they put Grandpa in a Surrey nursing home one hundred miles from all of us where he lives with non witnesses and strangers.

    We are worse even than them!

    Worse still , visits to him by family members are few and far between and he is now wasting away.

    He has no control as he was conned into signing an Enduring Power of Attorney that gives his son total control of the rest of his poor father's life.

    As I"ve said before when I've posted on this site:

    '..by their works you will know them.'

  • candidlynuts

    thats heartbreaking. hugs

  • Gill

    It is ! Thank's Candidlynuts. We're sneaking about like a couple of spys trying to get to see him and finding out where they've moved him to next. The bust ups with the family have been really vicious verbally.

  • shamus
    The reaction from the JW relatives was akin to us offering to sell Grandpa for medical research.

    JW's have the social skills of a three year old. They live in this us against them world. I know exactly what you are talking about when you mention they're reaction. It's typical.

  • Gill

    Actually it makes me so angry I'd like to go round and kick all their assses big time but they're all bigger than me, so...

    We've been for legal help for the grandfather three times and solicitors have sat aghast at what we're telling them about how he was conned into signing the Enduring Power of Attorning. Whenever it's revoked he get's conned into signing another one.

    'the love of money is the root of all evil.'

  • missy04


    Wow....that is SO sad. The way people take advantage of elderly people's inability to stand up for themselves...

    conning them into signing papers? That's awful. My mom was very very close to her Grandmother and was in her will. Before she passed away, the rest of the family somehow tricked her into changing it. Not getting money or whatever is not what bothered my mom, it was how some of her family pounced on the chance of getting money from her grandma while she was dying.

    Oh yah, I'm sure he is just SOOO much better off with strangers that don't go to meetings than with some of his own FAMILY members who happen to not attend meetings.

    This is all very sad. I'm sorry you're goin through this.


  • seattleniceguy

    Hello Gill, and welcome.

    Your story is truly sad. Even more sadly, I have no trouble at all believing it. Heartbreaking.


  • Country_Woman

    Gill this is so cruel, can't he reverse this power of attorney (through a judge).

    and second: welcome to the board.

  • Gill

    Country-woman, thanks for the welcome and secondly we're working on the power of attorney problem as we speak.

    We believe though that their real motives apart from our not being JW's is the money and we're worried we'll be accussed of being after Grandpa's money. This is non sense though as we've given him more money than he's ever given to us and the rest of them have always been badgering him for cash instead of giving him some.

    We'll see!

  • kwintestal

    Hi Gill,

    This is a difficult situation enough for you and your family, it's too bad they have to compound the issue with this BS!

    I hate the "holier-then-thou" attitude some most JW's have. It's not needed in society, and really gives them a bad reputation.


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