So I finally said "I am pagan"

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  • Sirona


    No I won't be there, but if you see a witch about 50ish with curly white hair (shoulder length) and she is selling beautiful pagan statues, she is our HPS!

    Ian, I think that there are so many labels but we're all speaking the same language


  • Sirona

    I've found out from my Mum that the book he was talking about was the "Draw Close to Jehovah" book.

    She has a spare copy so I said I'd have a read.


  • Preston
    I've found out from my Mum that the book he was talking about was the "Draw Close to Jehovah" book.

    Darn!...I thought they were going to come out with something original at least.... Congrats on coming out, if you're ever in Phoenix we'll invite you over for a circle....

  • jgnat

    I was about to say, no new publications on the horizon. This last summer there was a book of maps and a brochure that Ozziepost is critiquing. Really, candy for the brain.

    The "Draw Close to Jehovah" book is recycled, and it was recently announced that the Daniel book will be studied AGAIN this summer. Nothing new under the WT sun.

  • Sirona


    Nothing new under the WT sun? Damn, I thought he was telling me something new. LOL

    Thanks Preston, it is good to be "out" isn't it? I know this sounds wierd but I'm sort of tempted to bring stuff into conversation more now...there have been so many times when I've been going somewhere or something came up, but I couldn't say because of their judgements....


  • El blanko
    El blanko

    I was just reading through this thread and a tune that was playing in the background struck me as profound - synchronicity of my feelings towards the thread I believe ...

    Clannad - Something to Believe In

    Everybody's rushing around,
    Trying to keep a hold
    On some piece of mind
    All the time
    And somebody's lookin' around
    Tryin' to find
    Something to believe in
    To believe in
    All the things they promised
    They're always lies


    Well it's something
    Oh it's something to believe in
    You know it's something
    Every little once in a while
    You take a chance to win
    On a turning card
    But it may be hard
    We could be fooled on the merry-go-round
    But i'm trying to find
    Something to believe in
    To believe in
    All the things they promised
    You know they always lied


    I've been willing and strong all along
    Through chilling times
    In a sea of heartbreak
    Where you give and take
    I won't give in to promises
    Until i find something to believe in
    To believe in's often better to share the truth with those closest to us and I hope you have done the right thing.
  • BrendaCloutier
    animistic pantheism

    My first introduction into "mystic religion" through American Indian spirituality.

    Most pre-christian original "religion" were polydiest. Even pre-abraham, there is believed to have been a polydiest belief amoung the "hebrews".

    With my own study and experiences around indian ceremony, beliefs, etc., is that the animals trees rocks and water are not worshipped, but honored for what they bring and teach, in both the physical and spiritual realm, and a means of understanding life and the Great Spirit (god, creator, supreme being), and the Great Mystery (creation, what's beyond the heavens we see, what happens after we die). In Lakota (Sioux) the Great Spirit has been known as Tunkashilla. Since the influence of Chrisianity in the last 200 years on the Sioux, Tunkashilla, in many circles, has become more of a Christ-like figure.

    I've explored wicca some. I find it facinating. However, I am far more comfortable with indian spirituality than the wicca - neo-pagan I've encountered because they seem to be making much up as they go, because so much has been lost. The indian spirituality has only been disrupted in the last 150 to 400 years, not the 1500-2000 years of christian invasion, and has been underground only since the indian wars. It has even been illegal for an indian to practice sweatlodge in many states up until the 1970's!

    Mitakeye Oasin (all my relations)


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