Do You suffer from a bad back?

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  • Dansk

    If so, you might find this news report interesting. I guess most of us knew this was the best method anyway, but there are so many quack ideas that could work out expensive.


  • Golf

    Dansk, its good news to see you up and around. It sounded very touchy there for a moment. About back backs. Well, my entire family and male community members have to contend with this problem. Were either in the construction trade or tree service that require strong backs, so, it would be the norm to have some type of back problems. I've tried just about everything. In the past three or four years I've been doing exercises (religiously) every morning after getting up, and I haven't had any problems since. So, is it exercises or religion? Just kidding. These excercises are only 10-15 minutes in duration, it works. Anyways, its good news to have you around. Guest77

  • Dansk
    Dansk, its good news to see you up and around.

    Thanks, Guest!

    Yes, I have sudden urges to post more regularly on JWD - and it's always good to hear from "old friends" such as yourself!

    As Claire is a physiotherapist I get my back treated for free, of course. I well recall my judo instructor friend injuring his neck and back and suffering for weeks. In the end I managed to persuade him to come round and let Claire work on him. After regular physiotherapy and acupuncture he was completely cured within four weeks. He now has full rotation of his neck and is no longer hunched on one side. Marvellous!

    Best wishes,


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    Urges? I hope you have other urges. I have to show my older brother this article. He needs spinal manipulation, he's in a pitiful state. His problem is the spine, his doctor will not operate. Judo? Yeah, I love that sport, it's a clean sport. I didn't care for the fall drills/exercises because of my back, but I still did them. Back spasms interfered with my golf. There was a time when I didn't look forward to playing golf because I would be in so much pain after the round, however, after doing these exercises, no problem! I forgot to mention that when I do my morning exercises, I couple it with DEEP BREATHING, very rewarding. Thanks for the article. So, what have been into lately? Does your Health still hamper you? Are you as active as before? It would be interesting to know if you don't mine my asking. Guest77

  • Dansk

    Hi Guest,

    This might help you with your questions, which I don't mind in the least:

    I give my regimen near the bottom of the page.

    It was while doing judo that I noticed the ache in my shoulder region. I started to hurt when I did the breakfalls, so I took it to be just a judo injury - but it wouldn't go away and then the swellings occurred........

    I'm feeling good today, thank you! Just did a short spell of gardening!


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I've gone to a chiropractor for years and always with good results. I wake up now with a stiff back every morning, so I think I need to go back.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    YES, Dansk!

    I was in an auto accident in 1989 and didn't discover that I had suffered spinal injury until about 4 months later. Come to find out, I was diagnosed with 8 compressed discs from my neck to my tailbone, the L4/L5/S1 being the worst, and my tailbone (coccyx) was out of place.

    This occurred in California and after seeing the MRI, I was given months of physical therapy, which did little to improve my back pain and peripheral problems which had resulted from nerve function impairment. Even chiropractors refused to touch my back after seeing the MRI, and neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons refused surgery (lucky me!) because they said it wasn't serious enough to warrant surgery. Yeah, right. It wasn't THEIR problem that I couldn't be on my feet up to 30 minutes without severe pain and had numbness, pain and tingling in my arms, legs, feet, torso, back and neck.

    When I decided to come back to Texas, the first place I went was my own chiropractor, who took one look at the MRI and found the compressed discs (the Calif docs hadn't told me) AND that my tailbone was out of joint, which was causing severe pelvic and abdominal pain, too. He worked on me and got me back on my feet. I go regularly for "tune-ups." I'd be bedridden, if not for my chiro.

  • gumby
    I wake up now with a stiff back every morning, so I think I need to go back.

    Yip.....when ya get older, stuff that ain't supposed ta get stiff gets stiff, and things are are supposed ta get stiff gets limp. Ya poor old bastard.

    Stretching does wonders for bad backs........wonders! Get on your hands and knees and pull in your pelvis for a few seconds, then ease off. Then, push the other way like your mooning the sky. Next, bow down like your praying to Buddah with your arms on front of you extended and stretch the back and hold that position. Also, stand erect and touch your toes(or get close) and feel your lower back stretch. Pull your chin into your chest when you do this.

    Now.....send my ass about $10 for all this free foolproof advise


  • Mulan

    I have a bad back, resulting from an accident from my childhood. It didn't start bothering me very badly until I was in my 40's.

    When I was pioneering, it was excruciating. I went to the chiropractor every week.

    When we left the JW's, the pain lessened. Now I only have to take Ibuprofen about 3 times a week. I am pretty sure stress played a big role in my back problem. The migraines left too.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Hi Dansk,

    It's good to see you are in good spirits.

    I just got back from a fishing trip with the boys. Two days wre spent on a boat in a big swell that had a couple of them ground baiting in a few minutes. By the end of the first day of standing on a heaving deck I could feel my back starting to complain and I was getting worried that my old back problem was going to let me down. It didn't though, and even though the second day was just as rough, a good nights sleep had done the job and I was OK.

    I had a recurring back problem for years. Then I got conned into going to a gym.

    After strengthening my back muscles and abs on the Swiss Ball the instructor eventually talked me into doing deadlifts, which I was sure would wreck my back, and at first I took it easy. Towards the end of my stint at the gym I was doing ten slow repetitions with twice my bodyweight.

    I have not had much in the way of back problems since. I believe that the main exercises that helped me were the ab and back exercises on the Swiss Ball and the deadlifts. My theory is that your back is like a mast, it won't support much at all without guy ropes and the exercises had strengthened my guy ropes.

    I guess the back pain on the boat was a warning that I should pump up my Swiss Ball and get some exercise.


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