Jgnat needs our love and support.

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  • HappyDad


    I send my love and prayers to you and yours in these trying times. Thank you for being there for me and I send the friendship, love and concern back your way.

    Your friend,


  • jgnat

    Big-Tex-of-the-Big-Heart, thank you again. And ConcernedMom, Nilfun, Sunnygal, thank you. Utopian Reformist, I am so touched that you would take out the time from your own family crisis to comment on this thread. I hope your young daughter is recovering a little, regaining her strength. Bonezz, sometimes this skeptical mind of mine just won?t allow me to gloss over the bare facts. My Myrna is very ill. But I think I have come up with a positive activity that can show her my love and affection. I will make up a world map showing her how many people ?cross the world are praying and thinking about her. Frannie, thank you for the reference material. I will save it for a time when Myrna is interested. Yes, Panda, I am a big believer in conventional medicine, and I know they can work miracles today that would have been unheard of only a few years ago. Our Cross Cancer Institute is well thought-of and there is a large teaching hospital right next door (University of Alberta). If we are lucky, Myrna will respond well to their treatments, and I can have her around for a few years to come. Thank you for your loving wishes, frenchbabyface. And Grace, whatcanIsay? Your prayers are treasure-drops from heaven! HappyDad, it was a treat to watch your rollicking romance. Nothing boosts my spirits more (other than my granddaughter) than to see a middle-aged man bouncing off his heels, madly in love. I treasure your prayers.
  • Rabbit

    This is going to be an ordeal for you and all involved, I wish you and her the best. Knowing at least holds out some hope of some kind of treatment, even un-orthodox ones.

    My Mom died about 4 years ago, from a different type of cancer. They didn't know until too late. Sadly, it is normally very survivable if caught early.

    Hang in there, my friend

  • bebu

    ((((jgnat & myrna))))

    I'm thinking of you and your lovely step-mum tonight.

    I pray you'll have all the time you need together here, not a minute less.


  • xochsi

    jgnat, as a longterm lurker and newbie, I have enjoyed your thoughtful and wise posts. My posative thoughts and prayers go out to you, from a catapolt shaped heart aimed straight at yours. Bless you and know that you are loved, have always been loved and will always be so.

    You are one of the most incredible rocks I have ever known cyberthetically and I know you carry such strength that will get you through this.



  • jgnat

    Rabbit, my fellow-survivor dude, thank you for your manly-man practical condolence. My Myrna has been so good at detection and prevention. She found a pinprick sized lump last year, and was very practical about her treatment. She read a three-inch book on the subject (recommended by my doctor-sister) to educate herself.

    It is crazy-making to listen to my neighbour describe how a false-positive mammogram caused her so much anxiety, she no longer goes for tests. She has not gone back for ten years. By contrast, my Myrna never buries her head in the sand, she faces life?s challenges head-on. So what happened? How could Myrna get a diagnosis so grim? It is unexplainable.


    , that is a lovely way of phrasing the prayer. I do believe in an afterlife, so my grief is for the potential pain and suffering she is facing, and sheer loneliness of not having her around to share my ambitions and hopes. I may have to wait twenty years or more to be with her again.


    , your post moved me to tears, again. I do post with people like you in mind. I do hope I make a difference. The thought that there are unnamed dozens of people around the world that through my example can see that there is a life outside the organization, that my words do count, does me more good than you can know. What a wonderful introduction to the board. Welcome, and may you have a long and productive stay.
  • Kenneson

    You and your step mom will be in my prayers. Hope and faith can carry you through.

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