My sisters are braindead b**ches

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  • flower

    Just thought I'd share. In case anyone else out there has three sisters that are braindead bitches too...I know how you feel. I havent talked to two of the three braindead bitches for a couple of years (ever since that goddamn article came out in the KM) but one of the braindead bitches lives about 10 mins from me.

    I was in a crunch recently because I had inadvertently scheduled a new job interview on a day in which my sons school closed for a teacher conference so I called braindead bitch number one and left her a message explaining the situation and asking if I could drop my son off the next morning for a couple hours to play with his cousin while I interviewed. I didnt ask her to 'talk' to me or 'associate' with me for gods sake. Hell if she wanted to I would stay in the car while my son went up to the house so as not to get my 'evil disfellowshipedness' all over her. But no, bitch couldnt bother to even call me back so I had to add an hour to the commute to get him to another sitter.

    Braindead bitch number two lived less than 5 minutes from me for a year and a half before I was even df'd and never came by, called or even acted like she knew me until one time she showed up on my door to 'hang out'. I found out later that my mom had told her that she shouldnt treat me like that just because I was 'irregular' at meeting attendance but she should 'encourage' me. Whatever. Havent talked to braindead bitch number two and I really dont care.

    Braindead bitch number three watches my kid occasionally when I leave him his grandmother because my mom is blind. This bitch keeps telling my son that Jehovah likes this and dislikes that and other such crap. And keeps reading him stories. I have to have a deprogramming session with him after every visit. Braindead bitch number three is the biggest braindead bitch.

    I cant tell them how I feel cause them my mom would be upset so I figured I'd tell you guys. Now I feel much better. Hey maybe one day they will stumble on this site and then they will find out how I feel about them. :-)

    can you say bitches here? if not, sorry!

  • Billygoat


    I'm so sorry. I don't have any brain-dead bitches for sisters, but I know how terrible it feels when your very own family cannot come through for you. If I lived closer I'd watch your baby anytime.


  • flower

    Thanks :-) I dont mind so much about them being bitches. Its the braindead part that aggravates me.

  • pettygrudger

    (((Flower))) Siblings can suck sometimes.

  • Elsewhere

    Can't you just feeeeeeeeeeeeeel the loooove???

    Yup... if you are not in their little club, then you are nothing but bird meat to them.

    Here... maybe this will help a bit...
    *** Rubs against Flower ***

  • hemp lover
    hemp lover


    Thank god the braindeadedness doesn't extend all the way through the family.

  • FlyingHighNow
    Here... maybe this will help a bit...
    *** Rubs against Flower ***

    Men! Why do they think the answer to all the ills of us women is sex?

    Flower, recently my beloved brother in law was thought to be eaten up with pancreatic cancer. My sister didn't even bother to e-mail me about it. It turned out he had an abdominal infection and gallstones, etc. A relief. If my nephew, who my sister recently persuaded to shun me, hadn't called me and told me about it, I would not have known at all. I have empathy for you.

    I know what you mean about the brain dead state they are in. You see, that new system is like heroin to them. It's represents an instant cure to their horrid problems caused by all of us horrid worldy people. They look at those paradise pics in the pubs and they just become orgasmic nearly. They don't like us because we threaten that little buzz of theirs. We are WT buzzkillers, that's what we are. We scare the hell out them because you know deep down they know we are right. And you know, god forbid they solve their own problems or admit who really causes their problems.

  • Stefanie

    Oh man flower

    Just reading this gets me angry! I am so sorry you have to live through this

  • vitty

    I have one, maybe two braindead bitches for sisters. Although I didnt realize this until I found out the truth about the troof.

    I cant believe the unfeeling crap that comes out of there mouths, and they dont even know im fading.

    I was so stunned by this I phoned my non JW sister and apologized if I had in any way offended her and explained I had been dillusional for the last 20 years and was now "normal" again she assured me I hadnt, but sais she had sometimes laughed at my strange reasoning on some subjects!!!!!!!

    They really dont know the hurt they cause, I cried all day on Monday because of the horrible comments made to me by BDB number 1. I know she woulnt be like that if it wasnt for the truth, so I do forgive her.

  • czarofmischief

    Considering the way the dubs tend to try to program kids under their care, maybe not having them watch your kids is the best thing after all. I love my mother, but if I have a kid I'm not going to allow her to spend any time with it unless I can be sure she isn't going to terrify it or delude it with their crap.


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