Just had my first "cold call"

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  • Xena
    She responded, "Perhaps you only think you're happy."

    Yea I get told that too...also that I'm happy NOW but eventually I will realize it's not TRUE happiness

    They just can't wrap their minds around the concept of happiness outside the org, can they?

  • bikerchic
    "What's the difference between thinking one is happy and actually being happy?"

    LOL @ wasa! One thing I've noticed when speaking to JW's is they say they are happy and as the words come out of their mouths they are frowning! I know when Craig said he is happy, happier now than he ever was 40 years as a JW he had a smile on his face. Facial expressions say a lot!

  • JH

    I doubt that everybody in the org is happy...

  • Valis
    "He came to my home, offering me happiness;

    thank you but no.. Eh onanism, always a pleasure to see you about. I see Katie let you out of the closet long enough to do some yard work. Good for her! .... If happiness is dwelling over natural disasters and the hatefullness in this world then one can only figure that obsession creeps up and takes over belief. It must suck to have one of the only things that makes you happy is the thought of the great tribulation.


    District Overbeer

  • seattleniceguy
    At the close of the conversation, when I said I was happier now, after having been a baptized JW for 40 years (more years than this young fellow has even lived), he said, and I quote: "I'm sorry to hear that."

    How quintessentially JW of him! I wonder if his daughter at least was able to hear your words. I can imagine your conversation based on my previous conversation with you, and I'm sure you did them both a great service.


  • willyloman
    How quintessentially JW of him!

    Good one! [adding this to my list of classic wry phrases]

  • onacruse

    Thanks to y'all for your responses.

    It was really strange, being on the opposite end of the stick, and knowing exactly which scripture (Psalm 37:10, 11) he would read, and what spin he would make on it. I sorta felt like I was in the Outer Limits.


    I wonder if his daughter at least was able to hear your words.

    Odd that you say that, because she was who I was really talking to, even though she never said a word. But I hope (and perhaps with some reasonable basis) that she might, just might, have walked away with a slightly different perspective.

    btw, these JWs came from a KH just down the street from us, a KH that I helped remodel. I asked Mitch to say hi to the former congregation servant (yes, the olden days ), and he told me that the fellow had moved north. Walt H. was his name...many of you locals know him well.

  • Scarlet
    I said I am happy, and he said he was sorry to hear that."

    Its funny he said that I saw a JW i hadn't seen in about 6 years, she had moved to Chicago and is back here now, She had gotten disfellowshipped married a navy man, got reinstated etc,etc. Well we were talking and I told her I was pregnant and due in May and she was like oh thats perfect you will have a new baby just in time for district convention. I was like oh I haven't been to a Kingdom Hall in 5 years. She asked me If I had good reason for not going and I said yes I don't believe the doctrines and I am just so much happier not being a Witness. I told her I have never been as happy as I have been for the last 5 years. She made that exact comment she said to me Well, I am sorry to hear that. I also found that very strange but just let it go. Are they really that afraid of having happiness? Finding out what true happiness is?

  • Scarlet

    double post sorry

  • formerout


    I agree with others here that you handled yourself eloquently. I also agree with your own assessment regarding to whom you were actually directing your comments..... the younger youngster.. .

    I have had similar conversations with JW's regarding their belief that happiness is only found in the JW religion when in fact happiness is never truly achieved while in it. Like Nosferatu said, "I think the difference is he was told that he was happy, where as you found your happiness."

    It kind of reminds me of that scripture that goes something like, "I planted, I watered and I also kept making it grow." 1 Corinthians 3:6 of the " Spiritual fulfilment is found from within and not from Religions" translation.

    Brad, of the "especially facetious tonight" class ...............

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