Hi I'm new too

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  • dorothy

    So many new ones... why didn't anyone reply to my post for lurkers to come out and expose themselves?

  • tata

    I?m going to answer to everyone here:

    Thanks kls

    Yes Gumby, and was how they prepared the information for the books and magazines. I believe it was so special all the information coming from God and when I read in crisis of conscience all that I really can?t believed, I was angry that they make us believe the information is coming from God. Also how they make their decision for some brothers and their lives and circumstances and like I said before, when I read all the money they have and how they used and ours brothers suffers because they can?t pay their mortgage or some other thins like that. And something doctrinal, my friend just makes me think about the beard, birthdays and anniversary, etc. And now, I DON?T BELIEVE IN ANYTHING.

    Estee thanks, and feel good to be free and do something without ?crisis of consciences?.

    Hello Big Tex, well, I don?t going with the same regularity, don?t participate anymore and of course just put numbers for hours and magazines? But, I think right now I can?t leave, I love so much my family and I know that?s going to hurt everyone. But I hope some day be really free...

  • tata

    Sorry Dorothy I didn?t see it

  • Bryan

    Welcome tata!

    Though you may not have broken out, it's great that you have woken up.


  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Welcome to this neighborhood!

    I'm gone mentally, and many times MIA physically, but since my loved ones are firm Witnesses I must remain one if only in name for now.

    Hang in there.


  • Angharad

    Hi Tata !!!

    Welcome to the forum

  • jaredg

    welcome tata.....stay around for a while i think you'll like it here

    are you from another country or is english a second language? when i read your posts for some reason i want to read them with a spanish accent.

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    welcome to the forum,


  • tata

    Thanks jaredg, are you psychic Just kidding yes english is my second language

  • Brummie
    first I don't believe anything and I was angry with Franz and with my friend.

    Yes! I remember that feeling well! I was also angry with that darn apostate :) Now his books are top of my list.


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