Hello all you Newbies!!!!!

by kls 57 Replies latest jw friends

  • Brummie

    HelloOoo Seekingknowledge:)

    Hello ALL newbies, kick off ya shoes and relax your feet, good to have you aboard.


  • boa

    Allo allo Noobs! Its a term of endearment around here so don't take offense!

    Enjoy the site, it'd take you years to get through all the info!


  • Simon

    Welcome everyone to the site ... sorry it took so long for me to sort out the sign-up.

  • kls

    In case you didn't know Simon is the boss here .

  • dabatgaly

    hi there i finally got my password thought id never get on ,im from london .

  • kls

    Hello Dabat and welcome . We have lot's here who drive on the wrong side of the car,,,,,,,,,LOL

  • Angharad

    Hey there all you lurkey ones, come and post away ......blah blah

    Probably scared you all away now, because that was so bad

    we let Simon think he is cause he is a little unstable.

    lol KLS , be afraid be very afraid !

    Hi to everyone thats posted since I last replied, we should get Simon to fix things more often ! !

  • Winston Smith :>D
    Winston Smith :>D

    w00t 2 t43 n008z!!!

    Man, the WTS must really be ef'ing something up in recent rags and talks to be pushing out so many R&F.

    What's going on? Is the WTS' token "Internet scare talk" @ assemlies doing it?

    Anyhoo, Welcome!!!

  • rick_here

    Thanx again Simon for "re-signing me up."

    (See I used to be a Noob and was "ikthuce4u")...but I didn't post much because:
    My hard drive died. Then I got a new one a couple months later. Several months after that I became re-interested in studying the Bible and/or theological stuff = (Why I came back).

    The Warm Welcomes are rilly nice, folks.
    I feel resurrected!!! (or something like that).
    A Rez-Noob maybe???


  • Valis
    A Rez-Noob maybe???

    how about Lazarus noob? or perhaps a prodigal noob.. welcome back!


    District Overbeer

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