What's Your Prechristian Culture

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  • Mulan
    Now New Guinea, Indonesia, most of the Islands of the S. Pacific had cannibalism.

    I have a friend that lives in Tambunan, East Malaysia, on the island of New Guinea (half is Indonesia and half is Malaysia) but they are Christians. I'll have to ask her about her ancestors.

    Whoops! Just remembered she live on island of Borneo.

  • Soledad

    pre-christian.. most of my ancestors are from Middle East, Northern/Western Africa and Indian sub-continent. I'd have to do more research on this.

  • athenafirestone

    Probably, my ancestors were a bunch of heathen barbarians--or maybe they had their own religion (no, probably weren't that organized)--have just been doing a little research on them and I found out that in the early 1800's in Scotland, they were slave traders. Nice.


  • Carmel

    Don't really know what the Seminole indians had in the way of a religion. Just never looked into it seriously..maybe I would have been a swamp seer or sumpin...


  • GentlyFeral

    My ancestors are Scots, Irish, French, German and Russian. The Germans and Russians were mostly Jews - but before that they would have been worshipers of the Teutonic/Norse pantheon and ... well, I know nothing about the old Russian paganism. Or the French or Scots, either.

    So, in modern terms, Asatru and Druid. Both warlike cultures, so neither tradition attracts me today. I'm a Pinko-American and proud of it.

    gently feral

  • bisous


    Why don't you just ask for your account back instead of using bisous's?


    He didn't lose his account (at least not permanently!), he lost his password. Have you ever tried resetting your password here? the function doesn't work. I waited a couple of weeks and finally got help ... not by the function getting fixed, but by emailing every mod I could think of.....

    I have been travelling extensively and Celt's been sparingly using my account, mostly for posting pictures for all to enjoy.

    I'll try the moderator route to avoid any irritation ....

    the REAL bisous

  • StinkyPantz


    Hey, Stinky. I didn't realize there were african canibals.

    Well, I was only joking. It's actually quite hard for Black Americans to trace their ancestry back to Africa. Information can be gathered (sales records, etc.) about the Africans once they landed on American soil, but anything before that is damn near possible to trace. I just figured being the descendant of an African cannibal would be cool.


    Simon has the ability to reset passwords. I tried to do it via the site too and it didn't work. I asked Simon and surprisingly it was fixed right away.

    It's just weird, I start reading something I think you posted and what I read is SO NOT you .. I want Celtic to get his account back for selfish reasons.. I keep getting ya'll confused!

  • bisous

    SP: Great minds think alike! I had just emailed Simon to see if I could get it taken care of.

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