Spinning the Noah Story WT Style

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  • VM44

    "What were the Hebrew words?"....there are no hebrew words in the Bible that say Noah was a "preacher of righteousness"

    It all comes from 2 Peter 2:5, as Farkel stated.

    From the e-sword program, I got the following:

    "a preacher

    2783 of righteousness, 1343 "





    From G2784; a herald, that is, of divine truth (especially of the gospel): - preacher.





    From G1342; equity (of character or act); specifically (Christian) justification: - righteousness.

  • ezekiel3


    Please excuse me if you considered my 'scenario' a derailer. I completely agree with your basic statement.

    The whole Noah story fails practical tests on every count, especially when you consider that the ark was not made with the hope of saving humans (other than Noah and his brood). Essentially the concept is that the ark carried the minimum of each species to start over again - including humans.

    This makes "preaching" a moot activity.

  • joenobody

    Hey Farkel,

    I just re-read those chapters in Genesis and it amazes me that as a youth I never noticed that there is absolutely no mention of Noah interacting at all with the people of the time. All that other crap that the WTS made up like his preaching work, the ridicule he and his family endured and the fact that "no one listened to poor old Noah" is pure bunk. I can't believe all the extraneous detail that was worked into the story by the WT.

    I mean the way the text is written, Noah and his family might've been hermits from Society and out of view. Maybe they made that ark in secret. Who knows? Maybe nobody even noticed what they were doing. We don't even get mention of whether Noah did it begrudgingly. Geez I seem to remember being taught that Noah had to do it "just so" and couldn't skimp on the specifications from God. I can't even find any of that nonsense.

    Basically the account is that God decided he wanted to destroy everything, told Noah to build an ark and once completed brought a flood. End of story. I can't believe I bought into all the other crap that was extrapolated by the writing committee. It's just so wrong.

    Hell the Troy McClure version of Noah's ark on the Simpsons was probably more accurate -

    God: "Noah! They shalt builts thyself an ark, measuring 300 cubits in length!"

    Troy/Noah: "300 cubits... give or take."

    God: "Exactly 300! And thou shalt taketh two of every creature"

    Troy/Noah: "Check. Two creatures."

    God: "Two of EVERY creature!"

    Troy/Noah: "Even stink beetles?"

    God: "Especially stink beetles"

  • joenobody

    Good point Ezekial. God gave the specs early on in the account - didn't seem like he was planning on saving anyone else.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Farkel, I do believe that you remain influenced by wt understanding

    It?s also strange to note what horrible things Jesus said the wordlings did in Noah?s day: They married. They ate. They drank.
    Yet, somehow according to Jesus, these people were simply terrible people for marrying and eating and drinking

    I don't think any bible version quotes Jesus as saying that the above was bad, good or horrible.

    "..take care about how you hear, for to him who has more will be given"

  • sandy

    farkel, jehovah warned us not to listen to the tricky words you speak.

  • Black Man
    Black Man

    My thing with the Noah story is this: Was the ark made to accomodate people who would respond to Noah's message of doom? If hundreds or thousands of people had responded, would there have been enough room on the ark so that they could be saved? Only 8 people and a plethora of animal species were saved, before Gode euthanized the mankind, according to the account. It just doesn't make sense to me and sounds like mere allegory.

  • undercover
    Was the ark made to accomodate people who would respond to Noah's message of doom? If hundreds or thousands of people had responded, would there have been enough room on the ark so that they could be saved?

    That's a great point!

    God tells Noah how big to make the ark and then (inserting WTS teaching) Noah preaches while at the same time builds the ark.

    If people had responded to his message, how would they have all fit on the ark? If God knew they wouldn't respond therefore telling Noah to build the ark just big enough for him, his family and the animals, then why bother to have Noah preach at all?

    Oh, WTS, what a tangled web you weave.

  • gumby

    Undercover....you must remember that god knew ahead of time nobody would listen to a grapefarmin, sheepheardin, tent dwellin, old bastard drunk who said it was going to "rain". God knew ahead of time they wouldn't listen and so he had the boat built just big enough for a zoo and 8 people who didn't use deodorant.

    Drunk, naked men look pretty stupid, you know. Ask Noah.

    Speak for yourself you bastard......I have a pretty nice arse when I'm layin on my belly all naked and passed out! Just ask the girls.


  • Black Man
    Black Man

    Yeah Undercover:

    That is a classic example of WTS spinning that never flew with me....

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