Good bye armageddon I knew ye well.

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  • sf
    Hey but what about that new Armageddon broshure?

    Yeah, what she asked??


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    What Is God's Purpose? - Jehovah's Witnesses Official Web Site
    If God does exist, why has he allowed so much suffering and wickedness throughout history?


    The Marvelous New World of God's Making - Jehovah's Witnesses Official Web Site
    After God's cleansing war of Armageddon, what then?


    How We Know We Are in "the Last Days" - Jehovah's Witnesses Official Web Site
    How can we be sure that we are living at the time when God's Kingdom will take action against this present system of human rule?


    The Perfect Government of Peace - Jehovah's Witnesses Official Web Site
    How was 1914 C.E. an outstanding year in prophecy and in world events?


    What Is God's Purpose for the Earth? - Jehovah's Witnesses Official Web Site
    In 16 well-illustrated lessons, this brochure presents the Bible's basic teachings.


    An End to the Nuclear Threat? - Jehovah's Witnesses Official Web Site
    While the Cold War may be over, the threat of a nuclear holocaust has not really gone away. But just how great is that threat? Will the earth ever be rid of nuclear weapons?


  • XQsThaiPoes

    If you mean KOTW that actually does not have any pictures of armaggedon in it. Ill dig it out to see if it uses the word but I doubt it. It was more of a cry for attention than a real brochure. "The world sucks, read our books please we really are relivant. And if you are bapitized why the hell aren't you handing out these brochures? You don't wana get destroyed by the romans or the flood of noah do you? And the romans prove the flood of noah happend so there!"

    That is more what is confusing me how can you peddle the end of the world as we know and not comment on the terror, destruction, and death? It is the theological equvalent of being a early 80's tabbaco advertising exec.

  • XQsThaiPoes

    In the 90's the wts said (i assume an angel came and told the writing dpt) that armageddon will have some speacial effect on the surviviors that will eliminate PTSD and frightening memories of the destruction and carnage. So maybe in 10 years they will say that Jehovah is not a cruel god and will have the angles kill people in their sleep like he did with the egpytian first born or something.

  • BluesBrother

    A quick look at the new brochure 'Keep on the Watch' copyright 2004, did not seem to contain the word Armageddon (please say if I am wrong)

    It does however leave the reader in no doubt that he has got to join the JW's in order to enjoy the future paradise.

    p5 "How can we expect to benefit from his provisions unless we put faith in him?"

    p8 describes the JW ministry "People everywhere are being given an opportunity to show whether they care........Soon God will cleanse the earth of all the wicked"

    p13 "Jehovah god will call to account the global political system ,its rulers and those who ignore his rightful rulership",quote Dan 2.44

    p21 "As the end nears, are you keeping on the watch,Are you taking action so as to stay out of the danger zone?

    p22/23 heading "THEY TOOK NO NOTE" "What if you had lived in Sodom?" colour 1/2 page picture of people being blasted by burning sulphur from the sky, and people burning alive ..."These examples have been preserved in Gods word as a warning to us, to encourage us to KEEP ON THE WATCH"

    p31 (conclusion) "The end of all things has drawn close" 1 Pet.4.7"Soon this wicked world will give way to God righteous new world.Today is no time to be complacent"............................Above all let us draw ever closer to the true god Jehovah" [end quotes}

    So, there we have it , it is pretty clear that if you dont study, and support the meetings, you are going to get fried like the Sodomites

    Perhaps they are trying to be tactful about it . I reminds me of the American commander in Fallujah on t v today ,who carefully avoided saying that they shot to kill the enemy, rather that his collegues would come along and "Deal with the situation" They prefer euphamisms

    By less use of the A word tthe WT may may hope to gain more "Hearing ears" initially, but of course one could not study with someone without telling them the awful truth.. I wonder if this is a temporary field ministry slant or spin on things, rather than a real policy change

  • pr_capone

    Any of our moles out there know more of this? Any official letters or mandates from above that might shed some light on this?

    Kansas District Overbeer

  • ezekiel3
    THis was on a few assembly parts, but now it is in the service and tms meetings. -XQ

    I challenge XQ to provide a sample of this. There has been nothing specifically published or spoken at assemblies, meetings, etc about not teaching Armaggedon.

    However, XQ has it right that WTS is softening the message. The KOTW brochure is a prime example of the "loving admonition" mode of modern WTS life.

    Holding my finger to the wind (the middle one, when no one is looking), I sense that the WTS is testing the "market" with this soft-glove approach. How they intend to instill "urgency" (now a WTS buzz-word) without an impending fear-factor is beyond me.

  • garybuss

    The message of Jehovah's Witnesses in my lifetime has always been, God is going to send Jesus to murder you and your minor children unless you go to work for the Watch Tower Publishing Corporation. The Watch Tower Publishing Corporation and the Witness people have never been proud of this message and have always tried to downplay it to new recruits.

    First the recruiter tries to impress the new recruit with the facade of clean and well behaved people. Then they try to sell the recruit on the fellowship and the comradery. The message is hidden in the indoctrination study book and is fed by teaspoon amounts over months and months.

    Most (probably all) new recruits don't even know the doctrines until after they are legal group members and then they are not free to question or to protest.

    The strategy in making new recruits is:

    1. Look good, establish rapport;

    2. Meet the social needs of the recruit.

    3. Enmesh the recruit in the group.

    4. Downplay our weird message till AFTER they are baptized.

    5. After they are baptized the elders handle them.

    6. If they give the elders any trouble they are shunned.

    Nothing has changed XQ. It's a weasel company with weasel tricks.

  • czarofmischief
    You know killing scores of people in an instant, and reducing their neighborhood to rubble in the name of religion is evil. Let alone the whole world. Hmm, maybe we should re-think some of our belief system?"

    Well at least something sort of good came out of that whole mess.

    They are trying to improve their belief system without becoming honest - I think they should be honest like the 7th day adventist movement was. Just come out, apologize, and then reform is possible...

    But they have been weaseling around the edges of reform for years now. They just are too proud to admit that they were wrong, wrong, wrong. About EVERYTHING.


  • A Paduan
    A Paduan
    By less use of the A word tthe WT may may hope to gain more "Hearing ears" initially, but of course one could not study with someone without telling them the awful truth.. I wonder if this is a temporary field ministry slant or spin on things, rather than a real policy change

    I agree - a slant - for the moment (sounds like they're creating an opening for 'new light' to shine into the porcelain bowel again) - the policy is / was and will be to conceal the awful 'truths' and there are no doubt plenty of listening ears that are more willing tune in to the less freaky aspects of the "truth".

  • blondie

    XQ, I know you want to hang onto your thought, but telling people that God is going to destroy this "present system of things" is not understood by non-JWs as a general destruction of evil, but a global destruction of people. We still have contact with active JWs who tell us when the CO chews out the elders, so they would tell us that "Armageddon" is on the way out. I can believe that the WTS is trying to soften their message of destruction to get people hooked first, to seem more benevolent.

    You can see how the WTS changed its tactics after Rutherford died. His inflamatory words in the publications brought much persecution on the JWs of that time. Knorr was smarter, he was more into PR and scaled back the destructive rhetoric. The WTS too often had their words in their publications used against them in court and before authorities trying to decide if they should be registered as a religion.

    I can remember when the CO told us not to say we were JWs right away in our introduction, not even at all if we could help it, saying people were turned off.

    Then the next CO came through and told us that was wrong and we should be proud of being JWs and not afraid.

    Then the next CO said we should hold off on using the Bible right away at the door because it turned people off.

    Then the next CO said we should be holding the Bible in our hand as we walked up to the door and use it immediately.

    Then the next CO said we should be hold the magazines in our hand and put the in the hands of the homeowner while we did our spiel.


    It's just a PR move, and perhaps only in that area.

    Anyone else heard anything similar


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