JWGift.org: New Watchtower Website for Online Donations

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  • tresdecu

    I remember showing this to my wife about 3 years ago...even before I had the dredded doubts about the WTS, and her and I just thought it incredibly tacky. She said "that's kinda Jerry Falwell of them to solicit $$ online"

  • Titus

    is this real?

  • blondie


    Seems real to me.

    © Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Britain
    A Company limited by guarantee register in England No.3858051
    Registered Charity Number 1077961 All rights reserved

  • Soldier77

    but hey, they don't pass a plate around at Sunday meeting....

    What a crock

  • Titus

    What an idiot you must be to run that site.... I wonder whose idea was that website.

  • nelly136

    if you turn the number into a proper number and lose the uk dialing code

    Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society. Magazines Printers. Address: The Ridgeway, London, NW7 1RN, UK Telephone: 02089062211. Fax: 02089063938 ...

    Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society. Phone View phone number Spinner. 02089062211. Ibsa House, The Ridgeway, LONDON, NW7 1RN

    added useless info, it also brings up a kingdom hall in st albans (is st albans anywhere near NW7?)



    Jehovahs Witnesses Kingdom Hall

    putting the dial to uk number used on the registration into google

    +442089062211 it brings up two orders from china and a funny talking website.

    where apparently a large amount of lubrication has been shipped by the borg

  • Titus
  • Titus

    Quote from the site:

    This facility has been provided solely for the convenience of those who asked for this service and desire to support our work by these means. It should not be seen as the soliciting of funds in any way.
  • leavingwt

    WT needs lots of money to survive and to evolve as a printing corporation.

    The Watchtower Society paid an undisclosed amount (believed to be in the millions) in an out-of-court settlement with 16 unnamed victims of alleged sexual abuse within the religion. [50] According to court documents obtained by NBC News, one plaintiff was awarded over $780,000 USD. [51]


    But on the first day of trial Jehovah's Witnesses decided they didn't want a jury to decide this case and instead $1.55 million was paid to the plaintiff.
    The organization that claims it is waiting for the ever-eminent "end of the world" decided to settle in a pragmatic move to protect its long-term interests and more than $1 billion dollars of accumulated assets.


  • Titus

    Thanks, LWT.

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