Do jws evangalize people on fringe of society?

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  • badboy

    People such as prostutites,tramps,drug addicts.

    If not,why not?

  • undercover

    because they're never home on Saturday morning

  • NewYork44M

    While the wt does not actively persue the groups you talk about, you can make a case that they actively recruit those from the economic fringe of society.

  • confusedjw

    No and the reason is that Jesus didn't talk to peop....oh what.

    Never mind, I don't know.

  • gumby
    People such as prostutites,tramps,drug addicts.

    Witnesses are taught to enter peoples homes, start studies, get them to meetings, get them to the assemblies, etc. Many described above do not have homes, nor money to do any of these things.....rather they are looked at as "creepy" in a dubs eyes.

    Can you imagine the looks you would get from fellow publishers if you brought a lonhaired, bad dressed, smelly, redeyed stoned lookin intrested one to the hall with you? Do you think all the sisters would wisper to each other........" oh, how wonderfull, sister hippy lover has brought another loser to the meetings. I wonder who will be the lucky one who gets to ride in the car with them next assembly".

    Witnesses don't cater to losers much.......they like to "show off" their intrested ones to others and whores and druggies don't seem to have the same impact. Sad....but true.


  • Will Power
    Will Power
    People such as prostutites,tramps,drug addicts.

    Aren't these the ones who must've have already left the "flock"?

  • M.J.

    Releasing the Bonds, Steven Hassan, p. 120:

    Many people have a hard time believing that bright, talented people--often from good homes and with higher education--could fall under control of a cult. What they fail to realize is that cults intentionally recruit "valuable" people--they go after those who are intelligent, caring, and motivated. Most cults do not want to be burdened by unintelligent people with serious emotional or physical problems. They want members who will work hard with little or no sleep.

  • M.J.
    Witnesses don't cater to losers much.......they like to "show off" their intrested ones to others

    Strangely reminds me of the elitist mentality within the college fraternity-sorority scene.

  • Gretchen956

    I think they target the vulnerable, the disenfranchised, the frightened, and the lonely. These people want to feel like they belong and that there is a way out of their darkness. The witnesses are very good at painting a picture of that paradise of theirs. Lures them in like the proverbial carrot and then they have them.


  • blondie

    As a group, do JWs evangelize people such as prostitutes, drug addicts, etc.

    No, a few individuals do try to be Christlike.

    Think of Jesus who touched the leper. I could never imagine any JW doing the same. I can remember someone's student visited the KH and the word had spread that they were HIV positive. No one would shake hands with him although that was the custom in the KH to shake hands with visiting students. The living end was when I saw one of the attendants going around and disinfecting all the door pulls they touched. They carefully kept track of what chair he sat in and changed out the seat afterwards.


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