Prepare for the Kingdom of God and His Christ

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  • Preston

    Brownboy, I believe you... oh, and BTW, your work called, the pool and spa depot, they want their inflatable raft back.....

  • Gill

    Hi there!

    You all disappoint me! I came on to this site in the hope of finding out the exact date for the end of the world and what do I get, more fantasy and drivvel. Has no one out there got the right date? It looks like everyone wants to take the credit for saying' I told you this would happen!" and no one is going to say when. How can I trust a failed and false prophet like Brownboy since his reputation for failiure preceeds him.

    I always expected to live forever and see over the hill, all the tomorrows and tomorrows that have to come yet. So, I need to know an accurate date PEOPLE! I have to know when roughly to stop buying lottery tickets and drinking too many tequilla sunrises. I have to give myself space to get back into God's favour just before it happens so I can be like the prodigal son and have my cake and eat it.

    I think a few months notice would probably do. I could repent with a heartfelt condition and I could study and I could put my report slip in and I could answer nicely. I could perhaps do that for two to three months if push came to shove.

    So what do you think? Any ideas anyone..... ACCURATE GUESSES ONLY, PLEASE!!!!!

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