Do you know any JW's that were Disfellowshipped or Reprooved over 3 times?

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  • gumby

    The # 1 reason for disfellowshippings has always been for immorality. Seems humans are just too dang horny or sumthin. Alcohol or drugs has been a toughy for many, but ol' sex always wins.


  • Sassy

    my first husband was disfellowshipped three times..

    although this last time he hasn't tried to go back..

  • gumby

    It wasn't fer playin nasty was it? Never mind.


  • candidlynuts

    back in late 70s.. a boy i grew up with was my bros age.. i guess 18 , 19.. screwed a 15 yr df'd.. 3 mos later reinstated.. few months later df'd for another 14, 15 yr old.(these girls were of my age group at the time). few months later reinstated.. he didnt even make it another 3 or 4 mos.. df'd for screwing around with a 17 yr old. he's in his 40s now.. stayed df'd married a woman older than him believe it or not and is a fine member of society. as far as i know.

    but he got df'd more than anyone i knew.

  • stillajwexelder

    I was on a JC that gave a sister private reproof twice then a public reproof then she was disfellowshipped the reinstated then privately reprooved and then another disfellowshipping - she is still currentlly DFd. I also know a sister that was DFd 4 times plus numerous reproofs - she is currently DFd - makes a mockery of the whole system IMHO

  • karategirl

    I knew the son of an elder that was disfellowshipped for fornication and continued to live at home even though he was in his early twenties. Thus the family could still talk to him and be around him. After being reinstated he committed fornication with not one but two friends of mine but nobody told. Then he was disfellowshipped again for messing around with a worldly girl, someone caught him. This time he wasn't living at home, yet his family still associated with him on the sly. Including his pioneer mother, ministerial servant brother and elder father. He continued to boink my roommate and another girl without anyone knowing. He was reinstated again. I don't know what happened after that cause I moved and was disfellowshipped myself for, you guessed it, FORNICATION!!

    This just shows that even elders still talk to their family, so bullshit to that rule too.


  • XQsThaiPoes

    I know at least 4 or 5 people. This is what I am trying to broad caste to people on this board. The DFings are meaningless. It is like getting a W on your tms part. Since you never graduate you can keep getting "w" for eternity and it wont effect the out come. In jws if you are a "bad" JW there is no real punishment.

    Now I know alot of people have storys about shunning and custody and whatever, but if you sincerely look at it being DFed carries no weighty consequnces. Look at JWs and adultery. The elder well go head hunting if you are single and it is even implied you are have sex. If you are married you can cheat all you want. And if you separate, divorce and remarry it is even worse. Sure you may get dfed but from personal expierience i have seen that married adulterors are reinstated way faster than a single fornicator. They even bring the new partner to the meetings and the friends seem to not mind.

    THe bigger trick the wts has set up is to humiliate people to the point of them never wanting to set foot in a hall again. This is because the longer you stay around with confidential info and a mental record of all the local scandals the more of a liablity you are. You can even coach people on how to beat the system.

  • lisaBObeesa
    Now I know alot of people have storys about shunning and custody and whatever, but if you sincerely look at it being DFed carries no weighty consequnces.

    How is loosing all your fiends and family 'no weighty consequences'?! My mother is DF and let me tell you, she is paying dearly for it. She will never know her grandchildren. She has lost her daughter. She lost her best friend. She lost so much. It hurts her every day. For nothing. It is a terrible, abusive punishment. I don't think it should be minimized.

  • XQsThaiPoes

    Lisa what are the effects if she got reinstated tomarrow?

  • XQsThaiPoes

    She will never know her grandchildren. She has lost her daughter. She lost her best friend

    I am sorry she "lost" them, but unless they are dead I believe you mean she never wants to be reinstated. The topic of this tread is recitivism among JWs. Much like criminals that don't mind being incarcerated a second, or third time many jws don't mind being dfed again, and again.

    It is the people that I assume like your mother is never going to set foot in a hall again that seem to be effected. For people like the one that inspired this thread whom plan on being a JW until they die being dfed has no net effect except maybe temporary embarassment.

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