Time to tell my story

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  • NoMoreMeetings

    Everyone: Thank you for your kind responses.

    AlanF: Hi

    mjarka: As an elder, the conduct of many legalistic elders made me wonder. The changing teachings made me wonder. It was hard to conduct a meeting when what I knew my whole life to be true was suddenly changed by the "faithful slave". When I started to really examine the JW religion, I discovered the measuring of the pyramids predicting 1914, countless Watchtower articles where the cited scriptures had nothing to do with the paragraph (I was a Watchtower conductor for a while), the gross errors in the New World Translation, the "generations" teaching revised in 1995, the two class system, as well as all the other stuff that everyone else finds wrong with Watchtower teachings.

    pettygrudger: I joined a non-denominational seminary after leaving JW's. I never lost faith in God, but wanted an orthodox understanding of the Bible. The courses were very good, with almost no opinion. Just solid Bible study. When personal opinion crept into the study material, it was easy to tell. Before joining the community church, I started partaking at home after reading the Gospel of John. It made perfect sense that anyone can accept Christ and be part of the Christian "body".

    The books by Ray Franz and Steven Hassan were very helpful as well.

  • codeblue

    Thank you for sharing your life experience as a JW!!! What a story...

    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of you son...that was very tragic and painful.

    Me and my husband started fading in 2003...we were both raised as JW's......things were not adding up: the WTBS were not displaying the love that would be the identifying mark of the true religion.....and I saw the Dateline May 2002 exposing the pedophile problem in the WTBS.....I couldn't in good faith go in the field service after seeing that the WTBS as NO different then the Catholic Church that they put down the whole time I was a JW...(such hypocrisy)...


  • QCA1

    God Bless you and keep you safe so that you become an instrument of his peace.


  • Bubbamar

    Welcome to JWD and thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I am so sorry about your losses. I can only imagine the rage you have had to deal with. I am so happy your story seems to have many peaceful and positive aspects - marriage in tact, faith in tact, healthy spiritual community....

    Look forward to hearing more from you.

  • xjw_b12

    NMM I see you have been a member of JWD for over 2 years, but have posted little. That would perhaps put you in the league of ex, ex-JWs.

    "We're not angry at all," said Mr. Nollet, referring to the earlier total restriction that guided their decision to refuse such treatment for their son.

    "We know we'll see our son again," said Ms. Nollet.

    That is truly remarkable.

    Thank you for sharing your story and your convictions.


  • nb-dfed

    Thank you for sharing! You have my sympathy for your loss. You are in a much better place now, and hopefully your stepson will see that. All the best.

  • Preston

    I couldn't comprehend what it must me like to have lost your child, what amazes me is the level of perspective and faith (what I got from the article) you and your wife have. I'm sorry but...I couldn't do that, I would have nothing but anger and rage toward the people who coereced me and a group of believers into believing in something with such carelessness. This...isn't an insult, its just how I feel...I hope things work out....

    - preston

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