Would you take "no" for an answer.

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  • kwintestal

    It seems to me that there's a big difference between the "old-school" JW's and the "new-school" JW's when it comes to the door-to-door work.

    I took "no" for an answer. Someone didn't want to listen, that's fine. "Have a good day then." I'd say.

    You always here of stories of JW's putting their foot in the door, or making some comment such as "Well, I guess you're not intrested in your future then." (that line was used on my Mother-in-law last weekend).

    So when did the old-school style go out, and the new-school style come in?


  • Brummie

    I'd say we have a totally new generation of JWs, a brash organisational crowd that really couldnt give a hoot for scripture, at least up until the late 80s they used to know what they believed and could give reasons and argue their case. These days they just look at you like dumb people, I blame the reasoning book and other zombiefying materials..


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    I'd say we have a totally new generation of JWs, a brash organisational crowd that really couldnt give a hoot for scripture

    Not to give in to Good-Old-Day Syndrome, but in my Bible, I had "chains" of scriptures, i.e. one leading to another and another. I knew them all so well I just wrote numbers next to the verse so I would know where I was in the "chain". I read the Bible from cover to cover twice before I was out of high school, and yet today you've got these brain dead, mind numbed literature salespeople with this glazed over look and fixed smile. It's more difficult to talk, to actually engage in a conversation, with these people than it is any telemarketer or Help Desk clown from India.

    It's painful to watch them struggle with trying to respond, you kind of want to lean over and whisper a scripture or a Watchtower article in their ear just to help them out. You know, kind of out of pity.

    But hey, who cares right? They're generating revenue for the corporation, getting their statistics in, so screw the spirituality, eh?

  • seeitallclearlynow

    Not sure, kwintestal; but as a teenager, while I was studying the "truth" book, I made my list of 100 scriptures and memorized them all, adding to them as I went along after that first 100. I hated getting stumped at the doors so I needed my arsenal of scriptures. But I always was more than happy to take no for an answer, as I never once believed that anyone's life depended on me. I figured if Jehovah wanted someone to survive, he could darn well save them himself.

    Why should, and how could, one person "save" another person? The only people I ever got sentimental about or worried about were the kids in the territory that I came across. Of course, as it turns out, they were probably better off NOT to have listened to me after all.


    Good question!

  • blondie

    Actually back in the 50's and 60's (and earlier) JWs were pretty aggressive, not taking no for an answer. In the 50's there were 3 to 8 minutes sermons that JWs used at the door. In the late 70's to the present, I have observed that few JWs are very aggressive. But I haven't been in volved for 3 years, so things may have changed.

    They are pretty pushing about no trespassing signs and no soliciting, but recently the WTS has told them to back off at their own risk.


    w56 12/1 pp. 730-731 Productive Witnessing ***

    To be efficient, productive ministers in door-to-door preaching members of the New World society realize the need for clear presentation. Three years ago the Society introduced the three- to eight-minute Bible sermon. The sermon stresses an appropriate theme showing God?s present purpose, by means of a few selected scriptures. Carefully reading aloud from the Bible each of those texts enables the persons visited to see that a true minister of God?s good news is backing up what he says with God?s Word. Sometimes an earnest worker feels that nothing he says will gain attentive interest in a particular community?that the people have a deep-seated prejudice about being visited on Bible matters because they are very religious. In part, this may probably be true, but does the announcer of Jehovah?s kingdom give up, saying: ?Nothing works here?? No. Does he patiently, tactfully keep on presenting a lively, interesting three- to eight-minute sermon? Yes, he opens his Bible, or invites the householder to bring out his own. Then, reading aloud scriptures to support his description of the established Kingdom, he stirs in the listener a deeper respect for the Bible. Gently he helps the listener to replace false ideas with accurate knowledge, so he can begin to understand the minister as a true friend.

  • ezekiel3

    Here is an example of the simple presentation format JWs are using these days:

    For the Watchtower 12/1/04: "One trait that distinguishes humans from animals is the ability to tell right from wrong. Sadly, many people do bad things. Why do you think that is? [Allow for response. Then read Jeremiah 17:9 or Revelation 12:9.] This magazine discusses what can help us to know and to do what is right." - Kingdom Ministry November 2004 (pg 4)

    The standard formula is a 60-second speal with a viewpoint question, respond with a scripture and push the magazine/publication. Trust me, even this is too much for the average modern JW.

    Good thing no one is asking whether I believe animals know right and wrong. Just ask my cat when she's caught on the dining room table...

  • Fe2O3Girl

    It is over ten years since I knocked on a door with the Watchtower, and probably eleven years since I could be bothered to make an effort. When I was a fresh faced enthusiastic publisher, I would attempt to overcome one conversation stopper, and then leave politely.

    My most mortifying field service experience was when accompanied by an elder with the physical presence and charm of Lurch from the Munsters. An elderly lady who obviously was not interested, and did not want to talk to us on her doorstep answered the door. Brother Lurch would not take any polite rebuff for an answer, and the woman became distressed in her efforts to dismiss us. When she finally snapped and slammed the door, he commented "She wasn't very nice, was she?"

    In the nearly four years I have lived at my current address, I have had...........one visit from the local JWs. A young woman accompanied by a middle aged man simply displayed the WT and Awake and asked if I would care to read their bible-based magazines. I said that I would not, and they toddled off. Well, there goes my chance for everlasting life! Thank God we aren't being sifted as sheep and goats based on our reaction to that, anymore! Is it any wonder that Joe Public hasn't got a clue what JWs believe?

    I think that where there is a more aggressive approach, it is not down to a zeal to save lives, but rather an ingrained contempt for "worldlings". Birdfood doesn't merit manners.

  • Sirona


    I think that where there is a more aggressive approach, it is not down to a zeal to save lives, but rather an ingrained contempt for "worldlings". Birdfood doesn't merit manners.

    Very good point.

    I am ashamed when I think of how I used to view "worldy" people. I would walk away from doors calling them stupid for not considering their everlasting life... and I didn't really care about them either, I just cared about whether God would approve of ME or not.

    You are right there is ingrained contempt and I see it regularly in the eyes of local JWs.


  • Will Power
    Will Power

    LOL - what a hilarious title for a thread !!

    What do most do when a conversation actually gets going? - They are the ones trying to get away - then eventually end up accusing the other way around - "That must be an apostate, or they must use the internet - they don't respect our right to freedom of religion - they are so dead - spiritually now & again at the big gog of magog-megido - I might like to take their house tho." LOL

    I've seen many high-tailing it down my driveway after a few simple questions. - And is that my fault? knock on someone else's door to preach, then not stand by the spiel?

    and I didn't really care about them either, I just cared about whether God would approve of ME or not.

    You are so right on. This kind of thinking does so much damage in relationships - more than is realized at the time - but when the fog lifts, like you say, and so many others here have said - past behavior can haunt - even drive you crazy.

    That is why most borg educated "worldlies" do not condemn, and their hearts are always waiting for that fog to lift.

    Don't you wish there was a door to door detox centre?

    lol-sorry, willp.s.:

    Someone didn't want to listen, that's fine. "Have a good day then." I'd say.

    Thats probably because in your heart you didn't feel it was your place to "decide" if they were worthy or not - (first mental step out?)

  • bem

    Personally 'yes' I could take no for an answer,

    So my problem came with being in 'service' with 'friends' who could not, Always felt bad for myself and the HH. When someone couldn't or wouldn't shut up.

    In Arizona where my children and I were most active, The cong seemed more than willing to note 'no tresspassing' and 'do not calls' It was passed on each time a territory was worked. I hated to go with ones who ignored 'no tresspassing' cause one gun pulled on us was enough for me <happened at a 'no tresspassing> but it almost seemed some thrilled at that, like it was prophecy being fullfilled... I was thinking fatalistic. and psycho. on both parts the HH and the 'publisher'

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