Bizarre Assembly Seating

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  • metatron

    Once again, brothers try to strangely compensate for reduced attendance by roping

    off sections and compressing everybody into a smaller area. Is this nuts or what?

    Note: this is being done by District Overseers, not just local yokels.

    metatron ( the remaining audience isn't fooled)

  • blondie

    The attendance must really be down.

    Is this a rented facility or one of their assembly halls?

    If rented, the WTS does not like to waste money on a facility that is too big so I assume the latter. When that happened in the last circuit I was in, they combined 3 circuits into 2.


  • candidlynuts

    one of the last district conv. i went to the attendants did that. i was pissed off having to walk up a million stairs when there was easily accessible seating right there at the end of the ramp roped off. ( i have backbone now.i'd have moved the ropes myself now)

  • myself

    Seems that they don't want to clean that area

  • Confucious

    This has always been one of my pet peeves.

    I've been to ASSemblies where they roped off all sections.

    They just don't want to clean. But they also want people packed in like sardines for whatever reason.

    Dude's and Dude-ettes...

    I am so glad I'm not going to these things.


  • Midget-Sasquatch

    Just a few years back, I was still being used as an attendant for the DAs (Why I don't know!!! There were middleschool kids taller than me). In an information meeting, the ones briefing us had some demonstrations.

    One was how to try and cox some people out of sitting in the areas that were roped off. If they were elderly, we were expected to offer helping them get all the way down to the first 7 or so rows set aside for that group. Or offer to help them to the ice level and get a chair for them. If the person wouldn't move, we were to just let it be and report it back at the desk. The attendants really couldn't do squat. Actually all those demoes, from a guy bringing in a huge watercooler, to teenagers talking loudly in the the corridors were inspiring......I wanted to have a brass set of you know what just like those "uncooperative" examples!!!

  • blondie

    I have been in congregations that rope off the back rows supposedly for families with children or latecomers. But what if families came early? Too luck. I knew a sister that wanted to sit near the back near the restroom because she needed to make a quick dash...get my drift. She had a chronic condition but was trying to make all the meetings as the "brothers" had counseled her to do. The attendants were not going to "let" her sit there but she did anyway along with an older (93) anointed sister. When the attendant got an elder to reinforce his authority, the older sister said she didn't imagine that there were seats roped off in heaven.

    In another congregation, an elder's wife would routinely move the ropes and sit in the back seats (no children) because she liked to see who came in late and who went and how many times to the restroom. I have been in congregations where people moved your belongings to another seat if they wanted yours...that was pretty extreme.

    I have been in congregations where no one sat in the first 3 to 4 rows in front. Once the public speaker invited the audience to move down a couple of rows so he didn't feel like he had bad breath.

    I know a disabled sister who sat in that area who had an attendant tell her she had to move. As she got up to move, it was extremely obvious she was disabled and had mobility problems (amazing what MS can do to a person).

    Well, I'm glad to hear that people can defy the attendants and not be ejected.


  • metatron

    This is one of their Assembly Halls, in which the attendance used to be about a thousand,

    now around 850. Are we really to think that running a vacuum over a few more rows

    bothers them?


  • dorothy

    What a bunch of morons. Instead of roping areas off did they ever consider just putting out less chairs and adding more in the unlikely event they needed some? No, of course not. That makes too much sense.

  • blondie
    Instead of roping areas off did they ever consider just putting out less chairs and adding more in the unlikely event they needed some?

    That works in some facilities or in the areas with movable chairs but most of the facilities in this area have the chairs bolted to the floor in the side areas and only the floor seating is movable. KHs work the same way, some have movable seating others are bolted to the floor.


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