If JW's were to set another "Armaggeddon" date , what would it be? 2030? _?

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    I'm surprised they don't get the faithful excited about 2014. It's the anniversary of 1914. There ought to be sometime of commemoration--even if it doesn't bring Armageddon. 100 years of lies might be a good starter.

    On other threads I have pointed this out to be as the most logical next year to hype up excitement about. When you think about it that will mark the 100 year mark for the thousand year rule of Christ.He did start to reign in 1914( didn't he !! ) His record for doing things is way worse than any worldly political party of today.(Notice I didn't name any party...No flaming) There can only be 900 years left in the 1000 year reign then perfection will reign. Since Christ has been reigning for 100 years already I never could understand why ALL of the 144,000 are not already empowered and reigning with him especially all those little old sisters in the congregations....My God...the governing body's worse nightmare.

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