What Aggravates You The Most About People???

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  • minimus

    I'm sure your 9 year old is wonderful.

  • Evesapple

    My mother in law talks with food in her mouth....it nauseates me, my husband keeps telling her, 'mom, finishing chewing first and then talk'...'but I'll forget what I wanted to say' she replies. A couple of times food flew out of her mouth.

    I really don't like cell phone drivers, especially when they are pulling out of a driveway or at a cross walk and aren't paying attention....I admit, I do occasionally talk on my cell, but never more than 1 minute...not when I'm driving. Or cell phone chatters in a public area, like a waiting room or restaurant (thankfully some restaurants have banned it) on the train, bus...whatever, I don't want to have to hear your conversation.

  • undercover
    Or cell phone chatters in a public area, like a waiting room or restaurant (thankfully some restaurants have banned it) on the train, bus...whatever, I don't want to have to hear your conversation.

    What's worse than hearing a one-sided cellphone conversation is hearing someone use one of those Nextel two-way walkie-talkie cellphones. Now you can hear BOTH sides of the conversation with a loud "ba-bleep" before the person on the remote end speaks. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!

  • whyamihere

    What Aggravates me:

    Hmmmmmmm..................As I ponder of all the things I hate(as my head turns in 360 motion)

    Oh there is so many to the point I think I may have to go into anger management class.

    Drivers: I hate drivers... I hate them all! I think when I get on the road people should pull of and let me pass them. I don't think I am asking too much now am I?

    I hate the ones who go the speed limit and not 5 over Like I do. However I may go as 10 or 20 depending on where I am going and if I am late or if my kids are in the car. And I hate Cops. I really really can't stand them. I think they think that their Stick whatever it is called will make up for what they lack in the pants. You know when a cop is going the exact speed limit and everyone is following behind them and acting as if the don't speed ever? Hell I pass the cop 5 over and look right at him as I do it. They don't pull you over in a Honda CRV(better than a Mini Van)!

    I hate mean people: I hate people who cut in line.....I remember once my husband and I were at Mc Donald's waiting in line looking at the menu with our 2 kids age 2 and 9 months and this guy who I think was in early 60's(alone getting coffee with his nice rolex you know the type where the shit doesn't stink) and we looked at each other my husband a very few words wanted to say something. I said in a loud voice thats ok Honey let him go he will Die soon. My husband laughed so hard as I waved at the guy.

    I hate people who are stupid: Like my Sister! When god was passing out brains she thought he said Trains and asked for a slow one. Its like she is so stupid she has no idea or clue. And she is mean about it. Sometimes I laugh but other time I say I don't like who you are I love you but the person you are is so awful I don't want to be around someone who makes me feel bad about myself ect.... then we don't talk for a week and she calls up and says hey can you watch my kid or lets go shopping as nothing had happened. You know the conversation where you have to tell someone something and you hate doing it and you just want to rip off the band-aid and get it over with. Yeah I have to do it to her all the time....kind of funny if you think about it.

    I hate Self Righteous People: I hate those who think thier family and friends and kids and job and ass are better than everyone elses. Well I have news for them I am better...kidding. You know the type who go out in service everyday 24/7 because they were never really good in school and had to get a cleaning job to support 4 kids and the fact that their kid is dropping out of school to pioneer and be in the Drama etc.... I never really cared but i always felt that I was not good enough. However as I have grown up I think to myself they scrub toilets.

    Well anyways there is many many many more but i am sure along the way you will here more from me!


  • teejay
    You know what I hate?? I hate it when someone asks you a question and instead of letting you give an answer, they interrupt and give their own opinion anyway.

    Good point, Mini. I hate that, too.

  • blondie

    smug people

  • undercover

    smug people

    LOL, blondie. Touche

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