Did you ever report yourself to the elders for wrongdoing?

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  • mysterio91

    The only thing I ever confessed to was getting drunk. I was 16 years old and came home drunk one night. I puked and passed out on my parents bathroom floor. The next day, my mom made me call the PO of our Cong and confess. Nothing really happened as a result, but I felt really stupid for having to confess such a dumb thing.

    A couple years later, my roomate and I had a party that got kinda crazy. One of the girls confessed what she did. At the time I don't even think I was attending the meetings anymore, but the elders were after me for a year. I never met with them, despite all their letters, and my mom begging me to sit down with them. The girl that confessed got df'd and later told me confessing was the biggest mistake of her life. They asked her all kinds of detailed questions about our encounter. They are perverts. I never got df'd though.

  • Fe2O3Girl

    I never confessed anything to the elders, and never reported anyone else.

    I think that subconsciously I understood that the most important thing wasn't what you actually did or felt or thought, the most important thing was to be seen to be doing the right thing, and and to be seen to happy.

    I made it easy for them right to the end. When I could pretend no more that I had a happy marriage and was a content little publisher, I just ran off and wouldn't meet with the elders, so all they had to do was make the announcement that I was DFd. 22 years, no back room meetings, no judicial commitees, one announcement. Easy.

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