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  • AlmostAtheist

    I know all of Douglas Adams' work inside and out. He was the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy author, as well as the Dirk Gently books. His was the first celebrity death to ever genuinely upset me.

    I know when he got the idea for the title.

    I know he was an atheist.

    I know what the philosphers floated as the ultimate question that was answered by the ultimate answer to life, the universe, and everything (which I know was "42")

    More exclusively, I know my son can do a pretty mean Dr. Zoidberg impersonation.

    And I know one really big one, but I'll only tell if you promise to keep it a secret...


    (The Watchtower's not really "God's Channel" [He prefers the Cartoon Network] )


  • scootergirl

    Only thing I know that no one else does is what is best for me in my life. :o)

  • Terry
    Toreador asks: Ok Terry, what is the secret for memorizing stuff? Is it something like mega memory that Kevin Trudeau was speeling some time ago? Spill it so the rest of us can be smart too.

    It isn't something that would fit on a fortune cookie, that's for sure. It is a series of mnemonic shortcuts, cues and mental "hooks" which, when used in combination, make memorization of almost anything much much easier.

    The idea is to have a mental toolkit you can reach into in an instant to do the job necessary. It isn't always the same approach each time.

    I can convert numbers, for example, into words using a simple system. To memorize a telephone number I convert it into a nonsense phrase. Nonsense is always easier to remember. My mother-in-law's phone number is Peanut Pet Chef. I imagine my mother-in-law (who has a french poodle as a pet) with a peanut in a poodle cut and rhinestone collar jumping around in her kitchen as she cooks dinner with a Chef's hat on. Hence: peanut pet chef.

    When was the Titanic sunk? The key phrase is TOP DOWN (1912) with me visualising the top of the ship upside down like the Poseidon Adventure.

    If you have enough of these tricks and are accustomed to working with them you can form associations that stick quickly.

    For those who might wonder; the digits from 1 to 9 are all you need to form key "hook" words.

    Mine are:

    1= Tea (as in a cup of tea)

    2=Noah (as in Noah on his Ark)


    4=Ray (as in a ray of light from a flashlight)

    5=Law (I visualise a policeman blowing a whistle holding up his hand to stop traffic; five fingers outstretched in a white glove)



    8=Fee (as in money)

    9=Pea (as in Blackeyed pea)

    As you go higher; you make new words out of the combinations. 22 would be NN and you make the word NUN for example. You remember your Nun by associating her doing something bizarre and linking her to other things.

    I can also multiply two three digit numbers together in my head and get the answer without writing any of it down. This comes in very very handy. It is a simple procedure that involves this:

    I X XIX XX I none of which will mean anything to you right now and I don't have the patience to go into it. Trust me, it works like dynamite.


  • Swan


    I use that memory system too. It's pretty cool. I used to be so good at it (when I was much younger) that people could give four or five numbers in the millions and I could rattle them back off forward and backward. But then I have always had a passion for computer languages, code systems, etc since I was a child.

    I know how to analyze and break esoteric cryptograms, such as the Morbit Cipher, The Fractionated Morse Cipher, the Ragbaby cipher, the Viginere, the Bifid, the Trifid, and others. I know how to break cryptograms in foreign languages that I do not know.

    I know why public key encryption works, and why it may eventually become obsolete.

    I was actually the person who invented the Internet, but that bar was very crowded that night.


  • toreador

    THe first part of your memorizing techniques sound almost exactly like Kevin Trudeau's mega memory which I bought some years ago. I never practiced it enough to get really good at it. I didnt have that much that I had to memorize. I however would like to be able to multiply numbers like you talked about. Mega Memory never got into any of that, only memorizing phone numbers, peoples names, grocery lists, etc.


  • Mulan

    I do similar things to remember names and dates. Names are a cinch, because I say the name to myself, with a "hook" to remember.

    Example: My name is Marilyn. I often tell a new acquaintance to just remember Marilyn Monroe. It does it. They always remember my name. Except the Manager at the gym, who calls me "Miss Monroe".

    Once in awhile, if it's a really young person, they will say "who is that?" Gawd! I'm getting old.

  • bebu

    I tried a system like that, too, Terry... it didn't take very well. Seriously! Can't even remember the number system! All I remember is, the need for "hooks". My memory was getting clogged with some very unusual visuals and I couldn't keep them straight...

    ...long before I even started learning that system!


  • Tim Horton
    Tim Horton

    Sounds way to complicated! My brain is overloading. I'm dead now. Bye

  • one

    I am the only one who knows that i have no clue "All i know is that i know nothing"

    But i know that with the right 'tuner" (for different type of wavelenghs) you could see (in full color and motion) and listen to any live or dead indiviudal or animal, even Rutherford...


    "I know the exact location of Las Tetas de Mariana (longitude and latitude)" LOL

    Can you share the info? Is it below or above the ecuator (sp?) east or west from Greenwich (sp)

    UK is alwasy in the midle of everything, you know.

    btw, are they at a fixed location or do they move with the help of two legs?


    "works dandy" ? what is it?

    BTW, do you know where the Pi come from?

    Multiplying mentally any two numbers, no matter what the number of digits and get a close answer is easy, specially for multiple choice answers or other common use where you dont need to know the exact answer. The key is using the "power of ten"


    The only ones that could claim to know anything are the specialist, those who, as time pass, know more about less.

  • kitties_and_horses_oh_my!

    I know that in the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam some of Anne's movie-star pix are still on the walls and that the toilet looks like blue dansk. They seemed like such small details, but they stick with you, make her life very real.

    I know that in Tel Aviv, Israel, they rounded up all the stray cats and dogs and spayed/neutered them. I was so impressed!

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