WT CD to be released annually

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  • Nosferatu

    Fairmind, you brought out some excellent points. I wouldn't doubt that a WT CD is the same cost as one Watchtower magazine. One bound volume would equal the cost of 12 WT CDs. 50 bound volumes would equal the cost of 600 CDs. It's a big way for the WTS to save money for other expenses (such as lawsuits).

    As for internet downloads, I don't see that happening anytime soon, unless they come up with some sort of verification system for JWs (ie entering your name, congregation, date baptized) to download the updates. Don't want Apostates getting the magazines for free!

  • NewYork44M
    This change should enable the WTS to drastically reduce expenses. Most households in the developed nations have PCs and will be able to use the CDs

    What you just said highlights the change in technology that has and is taking place. The need for printing has vastly decreased. Which raises the question why the society has just invested massive amounts of money to increase the printing capabilities of the corporation.

    It seems like the society is struggling with what it wants to be. There are clearly those who recognize the value of technology that eliminates the need for publishing. However, at the same time, they are still stuck in the "this is a publishing company" mode.

    Would you agree that it is more efficient to disseminate information via the intenet instead of having publisher stand on a corner passing out magazines to dis-interested individuals. However, how will the society control the r&f if they more fully made use of the internet instead of having publishers cout time in an in-efficient and in-effective work.

  • Nosferatu
    why the society has just invested massive amounts of money to increase the printing capabilities of the corporation.

    Because the latest WT magazines aren't available on the internet. They still have to keep their R&F "up to date", they have to keep their flock busy and blind, they have to make money from "The World" by getting whatever donations they can, and they have to get new members for more donations. They still need "publishers" to go out recruiting. If they didn't, the JW religion would have started shrinking a long time ago.

    They are a publishing corporation, but they still need to sorta follow in Jesus footsteps. Using the internet for distributing their crap would completely break that small connection between them and Jesus. It would begin a chain reaction: Publishers don't go door to door, flock gets lazy, no new converts, WT isn't imitating Jesus anymore, people fall away, donations drop, WT declares bankruptcy (that would be nice to see!)

    The only way I could see them getting away with using the internet for distributing literature is to encourage full time jobs for members, and increase their meetings from 3 times a week to daily.

  • NewYork44M
    the latest WT magazines aren't available on the internet

    However, as has been identified by this board, most articles are just rehashed information from prior magazines. To change the way they do things now would require a massive organizational change. The wt "form of worship" is predicated upon printed magazines that need to be pushed every saturday morning. If you take that away, how would they function?

  • blondie

    This is what I think, the CDs were initially provided because so many elders had bootleg versions from off the net. I had several elders show me that they had the bound volumes back to 1950.

    I have to admit I was envious.

    But the WTS want to keep control of their product (the elders were bad doing this because it was copyrighted). So they fought fire with fire and brought out the CD.

    But as a researcher, I found the 2 year gap difficult to deal with. Since the WTS is always changing their minds, the last 2 years were the most valid.

    Many elders don't read any more, let alone the rank and file. But many people will read info on the computer.

    As to the bound volumes, they will have those as long as the majority of the world is still behind technologically on the individual level.

    I'm glad to hear and if my supplier for the 2003 is reading this, please put me on your list for the 2004 CD.

    It isn't hard for the WTS to update because I'm sure that every magazine is added each month and any KMs and books are added when printed.

    As to the printing facilities in Wallkill, I figure they are planning for other countries to confiscate the printing equipment and the US will be the last bastion of freedom (right)


    PS most JWs don't contribute a cent for the CDs.

  • jws

    I think the print form is still preferable to a computer version in many cases. You can take a book or magazine with you. Anything on CD-ROM has to be printed before you can take it with you (or downloaded to a PDA). My printer ink and paper costs probably cost more than a copy of the magazine. And for watchtower and book studies, they'll need a printed copy. I knew JWs who would read the magazines or book study material on their lunch breaks at work.

    I also think the in-person approach of preaching is probably tons more effective than doing it on the internet. How many people are out on the internet, just surfing for a new religion? Not to mention, if you do run across the JWs on the internet, only a few more clicks and keystrokes in a search engine and you'll have all kinds of anti-JW sites to dissuade you. With the in-person touch, the JW publisher is somewhat in control, directing questions to predefined answers and steering the conversation. At home, in front of a computer, the householder is in control and can tune out at any time.

    I think the CDs give the appearance of being cutting edge and provides some excitement for all the computer people out there. And it keeps them off the internet because all the info is right there on the CD. If they provided PDA downloads, that would generate more excitement and people would probably be all excited to download articles and actually read them.

    As was said above, the perception is that all of this technology is more expensive. Maybe some of it is (printing a book is more costly to me in ink and paper than buying one for a buck or two - and not as pretty). But people will perceive it is more expensive and donate more for it.

  • NewYork44M
    the CDs were initially provided because so many elders had bootleg versions from off the net

    I recall the same thing. There was one individual who had most of the literature in an electronic format. Interesting that the society had to re-act because of renegade elders. So much for controlling the flock.

    As to the printing facilities in Wallkill, I figure they are planning for other countries to confiscate the printing equipment and the US will be the last bastion of freedom (right)
    I am sure that there are many who believe their own propoganda and are making decisions to prepare for upcoming GreatTrib events that are destined to happen.
  • Simon
    I though you said WT CD to be released anally

    That would at least explain some of the content

  • Valis

    I would immagine Columbia House and Virgin Records are gearing up for some serious competition..


    District Overbeer

  • Neo

    They reveal their secret wish:

    *** 11/ 96 3 Share With Others According to Their Needs ***When it comes to literature we request for our personal use, including songbooks, Yearbooks, deluxe Bibles, and so forth, we cannot expect outsiders to care for our needs. Jehovah?s dedicated servants the primary source of this financial support. With that in mind, many publishers estimate what these might cost if commercially produced, and then they contribute accordingly. For example, a deluxe, gold-edged Bible can easily cost $20 or more, a reference book may be $40 and up, a full-color wall calendar may sell for at least $5, an encyclopedia on CD-ROM costs from $50 to $100 or higher, music compact discs commonly cost to $20, and some videos often sold for much more. A failure to contribute enough to cover costs will ultimately restrict what the organization may otherwise be able to accomplish in furthering the worldwide work.

    7 Jesus declared that his true disciples would be clearly identified by their love for one another. (John 13:34, 35) Our generosity in giving materially and our unselfishness in sharing with others according to their needs surely fine ways to prove ourselves to be genuine Christians.


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