Why did Jehovah act more in ancient times than he does now?

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    No. Santa claus appears every year. Oh i'm sorry that "story" is not part of the bible YET.

    After a few more hundred years may be included. After all it is being celebrated every year along the birthdate and death of the latest and most known bible personality.

    Besides every year a "miracle" happens, lots of money come from nowhere, (mana(sp?)) and star circulating like magic, around cristmass time. Millions have witnessed.

    Oh. dont forget that during 1969 angels came to earth pickedup a few humans and transported them to heaven and back, actually they took a break at the moon while traveling around.

    But that is not part of the bible YET either, as someone said miracles are always in the distant past.

    Did someone mention japan? don't forget that, prior to the moon experience, god did, (through humans flying on birds), some miracle droping firecrack, (just to test and scare everyone who does not beleive that "god bless america") , in heroshima and nagasaki.

    Just read the bible again in a couple thousan years and let me know.

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