Do any of you ex-jws find anything wrong with Born-Again Christianity?

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  • binadub


    I was a born-again denomination before I became a JW. I considered the WTS a step up from hell-fire doctrine. I still do.

    Leaving it was another step up.


  • gumby
    This leds to my original question As ex-jws do we turn a blind eye to the churches conduct just because we don't want to go back to the Watchtower

    The "churches" conduct? Or do you mean "some" in the churches? Have you ever met or heard of one of Jehovah's Witnesses commiting a bad sin? Is the whole congregation to blame, or the sinner? What you said was Watchtower talk. I attended church (not a born again type) for several years after exiting the Witnesses and saw as many sincere devoted people as I saw in the Kingdom Hall....many more actually. What conduct by the "church" are you talking about?

    Sorry if I'm a bit sharp, it's catagorizing that bugs me.


  • czarofmischief

    In addition to AlanF's comment; please also note that many of US have been judged by the Watchtower's standards ourselves. After they dared to weigh our lives and cast us out, we have found them to be wanting in their own right. Out of their own mouths they can be judged, and we who have been discarded and cursed by them take a particular delight in showing just how badly they fall short - even worse than most of us - according to their own twisted logic and beliefs.

    I believe that Jesus would DA himself, had he had the misfortune to be born a Witness.


  • LittleToe

    I take it that the discussion surrounds some vague collection of Christian denominations known local over there as "Born-Again-ers", e.g. Pentecostals.

    Most Christians would say that in line with John 3 all Christians are actually born again, and I'd fall into that category, too. Would you say that I'm an Fundamental Extremist??

    I've heard of one local church "Elder" who was ousted because of inappropriate suggestions being made to a young girl of 16 (even though that's the age of consent here). It's the only case I'm aware of.


    I believe that Jesus would DA himself, had he had the misfortune to be born a Witness.

    I agree, and probably a number of denominations too.
    FOr the most part he'd probably just enlighten them some, though

  • Nosferatu

    Most religions aren't going to ex-communicate you if you disagree with the way they run their church. They won't cut you off from your family and shun you. The WT promotes cruelty, and eliminates anyone who notices it.

  • rocky220

    Born again?????, gee, I was born correctly the first time!!!!rocky220

  • rocky220

    oops! sorry!

  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    I used to wonder the same thing. How is it anyone can actually associate with any given religion...and then I realized that as long as they aren't preaching their brand of salvation towards me, or the grandchildren...all's well that end's well.

    My husband doing volunteer work with a local food bank brings us into close association with different denominations. The other day when meeting a new church representative, he came at me with how he was once a Catholic, but now he has the Truth.

    Injecting some humor into the conversation I told him, "No way you have the truth...I was raised Jehovah's Witness and only they have the truth." Anyhow it was comical because he is zealously working his belief. Just won't get far with me, but that's ok because we arent' there to be saved, just deliver goodies for those in need. Besides, even their Bible says something to the effect of being judged by God according to one's deeds. I fear no god these days.

    Good topic, actually.

    GL of the "anti-Christian" class. {learning tolerance and acceptance for what free choice might mean. Respect mine, I'll respect yours.}

  • gypsywildone

    It's not the beliefs, it's the BEHAVIOR! When people make a point to keep bringing it up, when they become imbalanced, then it is a problem.

    To each it's own, until they start preaching, pretending to "discuss", but they really have an agenda. Then it just becomes same mantra, different dogma to me.

  • jgnat
    As ex-jws do we turn a blind eye to the churches conduct just because we don't want to go back to the Watchtower?

    I find the opposite is true. The WT services are full of condemnation for Christendom?s churches. I believe this is a deliberate attempt to ?poison the well? so that congregation members truly believe there is no other place to turn for ?true worship? on the earth.

    As I have studied the Watchtower?s fallacies, I have become a more sceptical Christian. I find emotional appeals at my church slide off me like water off a duck?s back. I won?t fall for an emotional appeal, no matter how convincing the message.

    I find that most ex-JW?s are embittered from participating in any group religious activity at all.

    He asked me how can I sit thru a church service and not feel some sort of guilt seeing all of the condoned wrongdoing.

    What condoned wrongdoing? At my church? If that were going on, I would leave. Where did your friend get the idea that there is all this corruption going on in all the ?churches?? From the Watchtower Society!

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