Do any of you ex-jws find anything wrong with Born-Again Christianity?

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  • booker-t

    My friend from my JW's days ran up to me on the street the other day and to my suprise he is no longer with the JW's. It has been about 16 years since I last saw him. He was a "devout" JW's and we used to "pioneer" together. I was abit shock to see him and was alittle nervous because we were very good friends and I did not know if he knew if I was Disassociated or not. Before I could open my mouth and tell him he hugged me and said that he was so glad to see me. He told me that when I moved away from the old kingdom hall the elders went crazy and acted like a gestapo. He told me most of the JW's that I would hang out with were disfellowshipped or reproved or just faded away. He told me that he heard about my disassociation through his mother and that she told him that I was an apostate now. That is why he was glad to see me because he had many doubts and he wanted to talk to someone he felt comfortable with and not be afraid that they would run to the elders. I told him my story and what led me out. Afterwards I invited him to church with me and he shouted "no way" I could never go into a church with all of the "sins" that the churches do. He asked me how can I sit thru a church service and not feel some sort of guilt seeing all of the condoned wrongdoing. This leds to my original question As ex-jws do we turn a blind eye to the churches conduct just because we don't want to go back to the Watchtower? Why don't we as ex-jws denounce the wrongdoings of the churches the same way we do the Watchtower. I think my friend made a very good point. What are your thoughts on this posters?

  • Valis

    Who says we don't? It may not be as important personally for some, but that doesn't mean that court cases, pedophile, child abuse issues don't get noticed. I guess maybe if becomes more like reference material to us. I would also think people dealing with other religions and their issues look at the JW and XJW's alike in a similar fashion.


    District Overbeer

  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    Why don't we as ex-jws denounce the wrongdoings of the churches the same way we do the Watchtower. I think my friend made a very good point. What are your thoughts on this posters?

    I have heard this arguement from WT apologists as well. The answer is quite simple:

    People will devote more time commenting on what is personal to them. For example: This board is full of comments on local politics. You don't see an American giving equal time to discussing Russian politics. Another example: When the scandal in the Catholic church broke regarding sexual abuse in Boston there were victims and lawyers on 60 minutes. Did you see them saying in the interview "Hold on now let's make sure we give equal time in our 60 minute interview to discussing sexual abuse in other religions."

    The notion and reasoning that ex JWs should spend as much time discussing other religious scandals when they are more qualified to specifically discuss the abuse in their own JW background is nonsensical and diversionary. The notion that just because ex JWs spend time giving personal testimony or opinions of abuse in their own JW background, they are therefor completely ignorant to abuse elsewhere is a patently untrue statement designed to smear ex JWs. It's a cult mentality and a maliious mind that conjures up these types of diversionary tactical statements. Worse still, it is the sociopathic mind that cries "foul" when their victims fight back. Sorry if this is a strong statement but this type of BS smearing was happening alot on the silentlambs website by JWs and it really pisses me off.

    With regard to you personally attending a church where there are scandals...that's you choice. I personally couldn't do it without taking a stand for what is right or alternatively leaving.

  • pennycandy

    One thing I've learning from my "fade" and "rebirth" is not to clump people together anymore.

    I'm sure there are evil Lutheran church leaders and loving Lutheran church leaders. I'm sure there are deceptive Catholic church leaders and honest, sincere Catholic church leaders. If I saw sin committed by any particular church I attended, I would be gone, after telling whatever powers that be the reason why.

    If my church ever claimed infallability, I'd be gone. If it ever claimed to be my own channel for salvation, I'd be gone.

    Other than that, each congregation has its own personality, it's own flaws. As long as it's clear that I don't have to accept everything taught, I feel free to discard anything I don't particularly believe.

  • JT

    YEP I most certainly do- when a person has a belief systems that advocates:

    "WE got the hook up with god over here and you all don't-- in fact if you don't believe as i do- my god is going to kill you, burn you , destroy you, etc etc etc"

    while many will argue that their belief system is different, the above statement is a common thread shared by most of the worlds belief systems in some FORM OR FORMATT

    same product different package in my opinion :)

  • Mulan

    Most of them drive me crazy, especially my two daughters in law and the mother of one of them. They are worse than JW's to me, thinking they have an inside track to god and that if you don't agree with them, you are condemned to hell.


    I don't apologize for my feelings either.

  • Mutz

    Born-Again Christianity..................same crap, different colour.

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    I do not find anything wrong with them per se; they are another fundamentalist christian religion.

    There fervor and devotion is the same as the Jehovahs Witnesses. That alone is cause for concern.

  • AlanF

    In addition to what Happy Guy said, ex-JWs tend to hold the Watchtower to a higher standard than other churches because of the Watchtower's own claims. JWs claim that their organization is directed by God, and is much better in every way than all other religions. It's perfectly natural that when people who once believed this no longer do, they judge the organization by its own standards.


  • candidlynuts

    i hold no ones beliefs against them . even jw's . if you can find somewhere you feel comfortable worshipping and it fits your lifestyle and your happy then great..who am i to judge?

    some religions scare me.. like.. pentacostal.. they used to rock and roll and holler so much our kingdom hall down the road from their church would shake. (sounded like they were having more fun though lol) but if they are happy doin it.. fine with me.

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