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  • Cardinal Fang
    Cardinal Fang

    For me - the slightly geeky, gawky look can be very attractive...

    Examples (UK only): Moya Brady (Robbie Cryer in 'The Bill'), Tamsin Greig (Black Books, Green Wing), Blyth Duff (DS Jackie Reid in 'Taggart')

    Large, aquiline noses

    A gap in the front teeth

    Cardinal Fang, of the 'Barbie dolls are ten a penny' class

  • frenchbabyface

    eyes, voice, "ways" ... I can't tell exactly how they have to be, it's all in the mix of all this, that make the chemistry that make me feel it's sexy ...

  • Nosferatu

    I've always like women who are a bit short, usually around 5'. I find tall women somewhat unattractive.

  • Billygoat

    Eyes and smiles do it for me. I do believe eyes are the windows to the soul. You can read so much in them. I also like large hands and tall guys. They don't have to be a big body builder, but a guy that takes care of himself is pretty attractive to me. Wit, sarcasm, and a tender side are total turn ons.

  • hillary_step


    I've always like women who are a bit short, usually around 5'. I find tall women somewhat unattractive.

    Of course, your being 5' 1" may have something to do with it. HS

  • Carmel

    Red high heels with seamed net nylons!

    carnal he he

  • seattleniceguy
    I find a woman who is witty is EXTRAORDINARLY sexy.

    I got your back on that one, man. Yowza. Ya gots to have the intelligent girl. Sexy as all get-out.

    Physically...well, I'm a typical male, what can I say... the whole female package is pretty damn nice...but you know, it all means nothing without an attractive face. Kind of like what billygoat was saying about the eyes being a window to the soul, I think your face is, to a large degree, what you make it by your personality, your outlook on life. You can tell a sincere, kind person by the way they look at you, the way they smile. I love to see open, happy people.


  • Tim Horton
    Tim Horton

    I love a man that is attracted to me for me. He doesn't want to change me. That really turns my crank. MMMMM a nice ass too. Oh yeah. Animal attraction is soooo important. He has to be smart, be able to hold his own in a conversation and in life in general. A nice strong man. Good smell. The looks are not so important. Guys think that's all we women think about. But it's not. Witty is definatley good. You can't be able to walk on him. That's not a good thing. Smiles Rusty This is one hot topic.

  • Tim Horton
    Tim Horton

    A man that cooks and cleans. Especially cooks. Come on ladies that is definately sexy. You know what you're thinking! R

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