Creation or Evolution?

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  • BrendaCloutier

    Many have brought up intersting ideas relating to creative evolution.

    Amazing, you brought up something that reminded me:

    500+/- years go, Science and Religion separated. Galeleo, Newton, even Marco Polo, all suffered at the hands of "the Church" for hierasy. Yet today they've been proven correct. There will be a time when science and religion come back together. We're beginning to see that now, with the acceptance by some religious groups that evolution may, indeed, be a part of or by product of creation.

    On the "god" front. I believe god (he, she, it, they) as someone else suggested, is so far superior to us that they are totally outside of our tiny brains to comprehend. I believe that this god-source is at the center of the universe - the center point of the big bang - and that this god, by extension is the universe, at least all the energies and laws governing the universe eminate from this core.

    I also believe in Jesus. I believe "he" was sent to earth to understand us humans, and what it is like to be a very limited human body and brain, so he could become our guide and mediator between us and "god" and the rest of that realm. Jesus was also sent to simplify our belief structure that man fouled up: love god (all of god's creation) love your neighbor, love yourself. The rest of the laws are universal: Gravity, light, sound, magnetics, electricity, atomic weights, etc.

    "god" can comprehend us if it wants to, but it's like us comprehending a two year old's puzzel... or far less.

    My 2 cents worth, and more.... ;)


  • freedom96

    I have no doubt in the existance of God.

    That doesn't mean however that there is not some evolution that takes place, over such a long period of time.

  • brother devoted
    brother devoted

    Can you provide proof?

    Brother devoted

  • brother devoted
    brother devoted
    set aside Chrstianity, I would lean toward agnosticism rather than atheism

    even though I would defeninty side with christianity I would say the above quote is a balanced and fair side to open a discussion with

    Brother devoted

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