Creation or Evolution?

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  • StinkyPantz

    Evolution is a factual occurrence.

  • Blueblades

    This is one of those questions that " BOGGLES " the mind. However, I lean toward creation and not discounting some form of evolution. I can't prove either one.


  • frankiespeakin

    I believe that evolution is a correct term of how we came here in time. Since we are in 4 dimensional space time,, it seems to be the way things operate.

    Do I beleive in a personal "God"??? I have come to the conculsion that what ever it is that caused us to become does not think like us,, and that "it" or whatever you want to call "it" call "it" "God",,or "no-thing" or "whatever" has no agenda or thoughts like you and I. I would think this "it" transends anything you can use your mind to think of. Now "Physist" are saying that reality is non-local so this seperation thing you or I feel is all an illusion of thought and the mind. There is no seperate you or I there is just all "it" and what "it" is is beyound our intellect to know we can perhaps experience it but we would not be able to decribe it in the prision of our words.

  • XQsThaiPoes

    I believe in the one where the fish turns into Jesus.

  • darkuncle29

    Why limit yourself by only choosing one or the other? By choosing both, but not in their absolute senses, the possibilities are much more interesting.

    Is genetic engenearing evolution or creation? Is it both?

  • Carmel

    Being convinced of directed evolution and seeing design and order in the universe, I belong to the evil "Little Toe" group


  • drwtsn32
    I guess I'll always believe in God and his creation no matter what.

    Even if God himself came down and told you personally that he was a figment of your imagination? lol

  • gumby
    How about you, which side do you lean on...Creation or Evolution?

    I'll just glad when someone comes up with more than just two choices to choose from


  • Midget-Sasquatch

    Descent with modification is a proven fact. Quite a bit of genetic and archeological evidence for it. Just look up Richard Lenski's on-going experiment with E.coli, if you want something happening right before your eyes.

    But I have no idea whether God or a god was behind it all.

    Several gnostic groups had the concept of the cosmocrator or demiurge. An inferior being or god who was the creator of the physical universe and trapped light/souls from above in prisons of flesh. With the real god unknown even to the demiurge.

    Maybe evolution and the natural laws in the universe can be loosely compared to the demiurge...but no consciousness, just amoral impersonal forces that have shaped and brought into existences various material forms...what looks like intelligent design can "fool" people into believing that this god-the-process is the real deal....when in reality one has to look further on to find God.

    Again not endorsing anything spiritual because I'm clueless on these things.

  • Amazing1914

    I like the way LittleToe stated it: "Both." As far back as the 1950s or before, the Catholic Church acknowledged that God could have used the evolutionary process to create humans.

    Also, evolution is an established fact. It is not something to "believe in" or not. The term "theory" is misused by many creationists to imply that science is not certain of evolution. Whereas in science the term "theory" is used to identify the basic process. For example, there is "electrical theory," but no one questions the existence of electricity. In the same way there is mechanical theory, legal theory, chemical theory, etc. All of these topics and more are proven. Likewise, evolution is proven.

    The modern Christian must find a way to harmonize his/her faith with what science has proven, or begin the process of seriously questioning the basis of their faith. I have gone through these cycles, and have settled on harmonization between faith and science. However, were I to set aside Chrstianity, I would lean toward agnosticism rather than atheism.

    Jim W.

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