Juicy JW Stories too big to hush up!

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  • willyloman

    Franklin: forgive me for editing you, but how about "Naked Came a Witness"?

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong
    Naked Came a Witness


    That's what got them in trouble in the first place.

  • bebu
    "Naked Came a Witness"

    Very good!

    But you know, the first title you mentioned, "What's that big lump under the rug?" is truly funny.

    Maybe it could be the name of a chapter or section of the book?


  • eljefe

    Elder A was "happily" married with 2 children. Sister B was "happily" married with 4 children. Sister B started having problems and Elder A was on the committee to help them. He also helped himself to her a few times. I remember one night during a meeting, virtually every elder ran out of the meeting. It seems Sister B's husband came home with Sister B and Elder A were helping each other. Only Sister B's husband was a former black belt. Elder A wasn't hurt, but I can just imagine his face when he walked in on them.

    Anyway, they had worked out a plan. Get DF'd, get divorced, get married to each other, then come back as fine outstanding JW's. Well the years went by and they both reinstated and "happily" married.

  • Gretchen956

    That makes me well and truly ill. Its how you work the JW system and its one way that I knew it was not "the truth".


  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    Anyway, they had worked out a plan. Get DF'd, get divorced, get married to each other, then come back as fine outstanding JW's. Well the years went by and they both reinstated and "happily" married

    In the UK i know they have really clamped down on this practice.It was getting to the point where People were just taking the piss.In my old circuit i remember a Local needs of the circuit Talk,about 2 Years ago,where the CO mentioned this Problem.He said it would now take many,many Years (he mentioned double figures!)for a couple in this position to prove themselves.Quite right too.

  • Tim Horton
    Tim Horton

    I have quite a few but I'll start with two. Hey that rhymes. I was raised in the truth, in/out, in/out, finally my parents shipped me away for a year to a witness family. I was well behaved for that year. Very zealous. I came back met boys, got pregnant. Parents freaked. I had a horrible pregnancy, developed a condition(rare) called HELP syndrome. It come's to delivery time. I have problems. Need to deliver my son 6 weeks early, he's killing me. The doctor induces labour. I face the blood issue, right my will while delivering. Some witnesses come to see me when it's over. The doctor says "say you prayers to my family" because he obviously doesn't like witnesses. I survive. I go back to meetings. They shun me. Not all but lots. I was only reproved. Very christian huh. I tell the PO, it's not a warm and inviting Kingdom Hall. He tells a Ministerial Servant. We end up at a get together after I've been crying my eyes out from more spiteful and mean comments. The ministerial servant is there and about 8 other people. He starts a conversation about the friendliness of our kingdom Hall. He asks each and every person individually, still in the group. If they think the hall is warm and inviting. He gets to me, and asks the question. I say" Actually brother, I don't feel that the congregation is warm and inviting because of stuff like this. I was the one who said that and it was a private discussion between the Po and Myself." (HE got in big poo poo.) Then I said" and I'm sure this brother beside me( forget his name) will agree, as you leave him out of every thing. The brother looks at me and says "How did you know that" I say" I have eyes, I can see. The ministerial servants girlfriend went to the bathroom and started to cry. The brother proceeded to talk about his depression. A bad thing turned into a good thing for him as they included him after that. But not me.
    When I tell my family this, they say " Oh, Jehovah's not responsible for that, they're imperfect. Well shove imperfection up your ass then, is what I say now. Rusty

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