Juicy JW Stories too big to hush up!

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    When their actions spill outside of the congregation and get in the newspapers, there is no hushing it up. The stories I am about to tell are factual, but the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

    Many years ago in a small neighboring town, there was a small Mexican restaurant that was owned by a non JW who employed JW relatives and nonrelatives. It was a popular place. Everyone was surprised when they heard on the news that the restaurant had been robbed, and by a girl and her boyfriend, no less! Eyes really opened wide when the two were arrested and it was revealed that she was a JW who had this non JW boyfriend tucked away on the side. No one suspected. Nice family.

    Fast forward several years. The restuarant owner has opened a second one in the bigger town where I lived. It was managed by a JW MS and his wife. Nice young family. We will call him Fred. Second family in the same congregation-she an ass kisser elder wife wanna be whose husband studies but no progress, husband does just enough to stay involved in what the family is involved in without getting sucked in. Daughter has just graduated from high school and announces that she wants her own apartment. Mom thinks it is great, will help daughter learn independence. We will call daughter- Jenny. Mom seems to forget that when she was that age, she had an apartment and that is how she ended up pregnant by her now non JW husband. Little Jenny is a good little actress. She already has the boyfriend tucked away- Mom is completely fooled. A few months later we hear about the upcoming wedding and Mom is just sick about it. Wedding takes place without Mom and Dad. Are you ready for this??? A few months later, on a Thursday night, during the meeting, the police come to the KH to fetch Fred because there has been an attempted robbery in his restaurant, which is only a short distance from the KH. When they get back to the restaurant, Fred sees the robber and lo and behold! It is Jenny! According to the police, she entered the restaurant while her husband stayed in the car with his burglary record. She had a gun and went up to the girl at the cash register and demanded money. She was focussed on what she was doing and did not notice that in the booth nearby sat a disfellowshipped guy from the congregation. He snuck up from behind and tackled her. Police were there in minutes! Husband in the car took off. Jenny is being handcuffed and crying that she is pregnant. This was for sympathy and the hope that they would not jail a pregnant young lady. The pregnancy was a lie and they did not feel sorry for her. Her husband turned himself in and says it was all Jenny's idea- the robbery and the restaurant. In a town that size, stuff like this is headline news . It was all over the newspaper for days as the story unfolded. Field service was difficult with everyone talking about the JW robber. Jenny's parents and lawyer reason with her and she decides she does not want to spend a few years in jail so she agrees to testify against her husband. With his record, it was not hard to convince the judge that she was his victim. He, of course, divorced her. She was disfellowshipped and ordered to not be anywhere near Fred, his family or the restaurant. She gets off with time served and moves back home with her parents. She shows up at all the meetings-the same meetings Fred and family attend. Only one congregation in town so what is Fred to do? And what is Fred's uncle to think? He hires JWs because he has been told about how honest they are such good workers. He has been robbed twice-both times by JWs. And what causes these nice young women to go bad? Is it repressed hatred for the religion they were raised in? They didn't just rob any old business- it had to be one run by a JW.

    Not a rug big enough to sweep all that under.

    Oh, and the disfellowshipped guy hanging out in the restuarant, he abused his wife and kids for years and she finally bailed and got a court order to keep him from the kids. The elders did nothing when he beat up his first wife and put her in the hospital. Don't know why they took action this time. So he was the hero.

    I wonder how you explain all that to a person who is studying and is buying the crap about what perfect Christians the JWs are.

    One thing I did get out of 30 years in the cult- a lot of stories! Maybe I should write a book. I think I will call it "What Is That Really Big Lump Under The Rug?"

    Right On Target

  • Gretchen956

    Thanks! Nice stuff! I always chuckle when stuff like this happens because they can be so focused on tracking down all those tiny infractions so that the "congregation is clean." Whenever I read a story like this I think, "by their fruits you will know them."

    I don't have one myself but I remember hearing all about some JW elder that took a very elderly woman for all she had, made himself the executor of the will and got himself listed as the beneficiary. Her family sued and this guy was arrested. I'm sure someone else remembers the details better than I do, I think it may have been in AZ but I'm not sure.


  • Odrade

    LMAO!!! Thanks for the laugh! Chalk another one up against "If everyone were JWs we wouldn't need policemen." hahaha!

    btw, Sherry, love the new avatar!


  • candidlynuts

    nothing real juicy but its late and i'm in a postin mood.. mini bitch fest included lol

    one night the elders were all running around like chickens with their heads chopped off..seems the publications donation box turned up empty 2 weeks in a row.nice ms 's son was eventually found out to be the culprit.. but no one was supposed to talk about it..ex happened to be the culprits 2nd cousin and found out thru family.

    well respected former elder shoots at a carload of people who were attacking his son... hits one person with non fatal injury.. makes the papers he gets df'd ..( elder says to his elderly mother ' if only it hadnt made the papers we'd have had more leeway in our decision)

    elders counsel a single older sister for working at a convenience store making minimum wage to try to survive, where she has to sell tobacco.no special priveleges for you sister... . brother elder works for a food company that is owned by tobacco company and makes 100k a year. but thats ok..

    nother one.. brother cool elder had a cleaning business.. hired select nice young sisters to work for him . he goes to c.o. training and starts hitting the road as a temp c.o. while he's gone, one of the nice young sisters starts her own business taking with her over 1/2 his clientele. not long after she was d'f'd lol. bad sister bad bad lmao.. i was especially amused at this one because this elders wife was the nice sister who visited me 2 weeks after my last baby was born... i had lost well over half the blood in my body. .. had no visitors in hospital cuz no one wanted to accidently run into my df'd husband.. 2 weeks later i'm still weak as a kitten, baby had rsv,and just released from a 3 day stay in the hospital, i had 3 other kids 12 yrs old and 4 and 5 yrs old.. she visited, ( 5 min break in service to use my bathroom) ran back and told everyone she was thinking about calling cps cuz my house was messy. .. bitch.. my house was messy because i could barely walk, my then husband slept at his apt at work cuz he needed his rest for work but my kids were well fed(even if it was just on macaroni and cheese and cheerios) and clean. i was amazed i was even doing that much. no offers of help, but she sure enjoyed her a good gossip fest. ( this is why i sometimes hope there IS a burning hell)

    i guess the latter part of that story belongs in a elders wives tale thread

  • target

    Another little scandal or two:

    We all know how homophobic the Society is and how new Bible Studies are taught that such things do not exist in Jehovah's Organization.

    Two different families. Both elders. Both have wife, 3 kids, 2 boys and a girl. Two different cities. Big difference was Elder A was very self righteous and looked down on most of the congregation. His wife had her pedestal too. Elder B was one of the nicest people I ever knew and so was his wife. Both men up and left wife and family for other men. The JW gossip mill was so hot it was shooting flames.

    Different outcome for both. Elder A had left his wife and family for his boss! They have been together for years now. His now ex-wife heard about another elder who had just gotten divorced and she promptly set her cap for him. It worked and she had her pedestal back.

    Elder B had bad timing. He had his affair back in the early days of Aides, before treatment was available. He was one of the first casualties. It took its tole on his oldest son, who, years later went to prison for murder. In the very early days, Elder B was the PO, and a good one. He studied with his younger brother and "brought him into the truth." That younger brother is the Elder B in my previous story who was PO, but found it was in name only and he ended up booted out the door when he pissed off the Great Elder A who ran the congregation from behind the curtian.

    Just another couple lumps under the rug.

    Right On Target

  • jb

    So many stories to tell.

    There was the cheating Elder, ran around on this witch of a wife. She was a mean lady.

    We had a pioneer brother who lived with my best friends family.(The Dad was an Elder ,Mom was a reg. Pioneer, my best friend was only 15) It was revealed that this cute pioneer brother was sneaking in her room at night.So they kicked him out. A few days later it came out that he was playing around with another young sister. So to after his J.C he killed himself. Nobody was allowed to talk about it.

    My best friend was getting married, I was the maid of honor. One problem...I was pregnant! My Elder Dad was not to happy. So I was kicked out of the wedding and she had to beg the Elders to allow me to attend. After all she was marrying an Elder. They agreed. It was nice...didn't last long though. She ran off with a co-worker (nonJW) after 7 years. She got D'F. But we don't speak anymore...I'm bad association.

  • willyloman
    Maybe I should write a book.

    Some years back, there was a group of NY book editors and agents who used to do lunch together. They cooked up a scheme to write a book, Nakes Came the Stranger. The concept was, one wrote a chapter, passed it on to another who wrote chapter 2, and so on. When they finished, they turned it over to a subcommittee to edit it. It became a modest best-seller.

    I wonder how that would work here? I mean, if everybody who has a story (I mean a real, documented story) wrote it up and passed it along to a designated editor, we might really HAVE a book, you know?

  • target


    That is an interesting idea. Some very strange books have found their way into being published. My favorite: "How To Shit In The Woods"

    We could have "A Collection Of Tales From Recovering X-JWs and Other Insanities"

    We would probably have to write volumes!

    Right On Target

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    yes, we could all write a chapter and call this masterpiece " The Naked Jehovahs Witness" .

    Who knows, it could be more interesting than the DaVinci Code?

  • candidlynuts

    name it.. One Mind , a religious psychological thriller lol

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