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  • Terry

    I use to be afraid of the dark.I would feel the ___presence__of unseen things. Creepy stuff.

    But, when I became agnostic and left all things religious behind me a very strange side effect took place in my life. What is it? Just this: nothing makes me afraid anymore!

    I don't experience fear of the dark; of being alone, of haunted houses or demons, etc. I don't panic or feel the goosbumps of alarm over sounds in the night.


    I watch the scariest movies I can find and..............nothing. I'm now immune to what use to send me into a panic.

    I love it mostly. But, I kind of miss being able to be scared in horror films.

    I recently watched THE RING and found it creepy. I watched it all by myself in the house late at night. Nothing. Just a mild appreciation for the skill of the filmmakers.

    ARE YOU STILL AFRAID? What makes you fear?

    What creates that horrifying sense of PANIC?

    What is the last thing that truly, viscerally ALARMED you?

  • hubert

    Flushing the toilet and watching the water come up over the rim.

  • hubert


  • Soledad

    LOL Hubert!

    I used to panic over the same exact thing!

    What is it about an overflowing toilet that is so scary?

  • Odrade

    OMG Hubert, you are too funny!!! I'm scared of things with stingers or fangs. There's also this fish (red devil) at the aquarium store that scares the poo out of me. Everytime I walk by his tank he attacks the glass and I can hear his teeth scraping on it. I don't know why he does that, I give him feeder fish, he should love me...


  • Gretchen956

    Well let me tell you, some things you fear are just not rational! One time when I was just a lass I worked at a cabinet manufacturing factory for a SHORT time (not my thing).. anyway there was a lot of sawdust, etc, so there were lots of mice. We would all meet out by the cargo bays and swing our legs over the edge and eat our lunch. One day I was headed up for lunch when I see all the girls up on these stacks of 2x4s screeching their silly heads off. A poor mouse is running around not knowing which way to go. So I thought, that mouse is only about 2 inches long, I'm not scared of that, I think I'll save these poor wimminfolk. So I grabbed a 2x4 and somehow managed to get the mouse on one end of it thinking I was going to fling the critter out the cargo door. Well the mouse, of course, runs RIGHT STRAIGHT AT ME!!!!!!

    You never saw anyone move so fast. I was up on the lumber screeching my fool head off with the best of them.

    Can't talk yourself out of these silly little phobias!!


  • missy04

    Umm....hmmm....probably the rapist-kidnapper-stalker that used to camp outside my window every night 5 years ago till he went to prison. Yah that would definetely be one.

    I'm very scared of the dark, being home alone, and noises at night. I swear I come close to fainting sometimes.

    Was recently home alone and it was raining, dark outside (even though it was morning) and very windy. I locked myself in my room with my pets and swore I heard someone knocking on my door. (I'm sure it was the trees on our house.) I could not move for around 5 or six minutes while I clamped my doggie's "WOOF"er shut.

    This is very embarassing...but kinda funny. So I'll go ahead as long as everyone remembers to forget I said it. I helped to prepare for a district convention recently (my first and hopefully my last one) and there werent many people in the auditorium building. I HATE public bathrooms...guess I shouldn't have seen the movie "Scream". But I went anyway and it was totally deserted there. Anyways..I stood up and the toilet seat lid came with me and went down with a very loid "BANG!!" almost as loud as a gunshot with all the echos. I SCREAMED MY BRAINS OUT. very embassing.

    Don't like spiders very much..don't like to murderize them but don't like them too well either. I hate it when they come in for the cold weather and run across my blanket when I'm about to drift off.

    Don't like to sleep by any windows...

    Hate going in the basement for laundry. I do a really good backwards-stumble/run up the stairs.


  • missy04

    Oh, yah. One more thing. I'm typically afraid of things at night, ect. like murderers and stuff especially after a scary movie...people have told me i shouldn't even see them..get scared to tears...but...

    I was working with my big sis at a construction cleanup job about a month ago, and you have to take the stickers off the new windows and stuff..There was a 2 story window on the front of the house on the inside..I volunteered trying to be tough. (no floor under it except for the first story floor, just air). So anyway I hear my sis calling my name in a mischeivous tone, and I come down. She points up the ladder and I start heading up there. there was only like a 1 1/2 foot ledge to stand on, and once I got to the top, fear hit me and I flattened myself against the window with my legs curled up under me. She kept telling me I had to do it, ect. but all I could do was whimper. Never knew I was afraid of heights. It was pretty funny, though. She had to come up and get me.

  • xjw_b12

    Anything that resembles this lovely creature....

  • Nancy Drake
    Nancy Drake
    Everytime I walk by his tank he attacks the glass and I can hear his teeth scraping on it.

    Sounds like the spooky fish that Aunt Flo gave to Stan on South Park...

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