How much would you say the average JW donates in $$$ ?????

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  • FairMind

    When the accounts report is read in my congregation the contributions to the WT for the WWW are not mentioned. Assuming these to be about the same as made to the local congregation would provide a monthly dollar amount of $700-$1200 or about $80 to $100 per publisher.

    Reading through the many posts on this topic does give rise to some interesting thoughts and questions. 1.) Why would it be a concern to some that the WT receives donations but not an equal concern that other religions also receive donations from their members? 2.) Based on the small average amount of donations received from WT members could it be that the WT's motive is not driven by monetary greed? 3.) So what if the WTS has accumulated a large measure of wealth over a period of 100 years (give or take), does this of it self make them evil? 4.) What specific individuals (especially at upper levels) within the WTS have accumulated vast personal wealth because of contributions made to the WTS?

    It seems to me that money is necessary to run any large endeavor. The WTS certainly takes measures to protect their assets but heck.... anyone who is not prudent with what wealth they might have is also not wise. I guess I just don't see why contributions’ being made to the WTS is a big deal. What I see as important issues are the WTS' double standards, abuses of power and attitude of being above question in any matter.


  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    Someone said $250 per publisher, I don't know what country that calculation came from, but that is far from reality.

    In our congregation in the USA, and keep in mind we are not an English speaking congregation, the average is as follows:

    Donations to the congregation (for operating costs, bills, etc...) = $8 per publisher

    Donations to the World Wide Work = $2.50 per publisher

    Donations to the Kingdom Hall Fund = $0.00 per publisher

    These are actual averages for 2004.

    I also served in third-world country that has over 100k publishers, and the branch would only average about $20 per congregation (after monterary conversion into dollars) per month. In order to cover costs, they would turn over bills, expenses, etc. to the Watchtower in Brooklyn.

    >edited to add that the above averages are based on "per month" donations. After rereading the original post, the question was asking for "per year" average. I find this example very misrepresentative of what is more likely the case. Let's do the math: WT reported 951 million in revenue in 2000 (from donations). There are 6 million JWs worldwide (and many are inactive) but we''ll still go with that number. That works out to an average of 158.5 annually or 13.20 per month. The figure you give of 8 dollars per month for costs to operate the hall would likely NOT be included in the 13.50 figure as those costs are likely paid directly and not sent in to WT for inclusion on their annual financials. As well, I suspect that the U.S. witnesses would be donating at a higher level than the average since they are probably on average more wealthy. These numbers would also likely not include the mortgage payments being made on the halls by it's members. These mortgage payments are likely accounted for on the finacials as Accounts Receivable and not part of the 951 in Revenue. Your example unfortunatley looks very narrowly at only one congregation in the U.S. when there are in fact about one million JWs in the U.S. THe topic discusses an average for these U.S. JWs and by looking at only one small congregation you are unlikely to get an accurate picture.

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