How much would you say the average JW donates in $$$ ?????

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  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    i don't really matter. in richer cong's they get more $$$$$$$$$$$ . in africa or central america they get less. but what does it cost to get 100 jw's to sit under a grass hut is the fields of africa. and pass around a few old wt mag's and 2 nwt's next to ZERO. but the wt made sure they own that land. what about the story a few months ago about the poor african boy who left his, whole estate of 2 chicken to the wt. that's how low the wt will sink to get what ever you have. a few years ago the wt closed the branch in india. and they , what the wt didn't have enough $$$$$$$$$$$ to keep it open. NO THEY WERE NOT GETTING ENOUGH DONATIONS. SO THEY CLOSED. IT'S ALL $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • NewYork44M
    That freakin widow shows up twice in two thousand years just to get her two cents in

    I made a similar comment to someone that night.

  • NewYork44M
    what about the story a few months ago about the poor african boy who left his, whole estate of 2 chicken to the wt.

    That is true, However, the society knows that the multibillion $ corporation does not run on a few chickens. The only value those stories have is to inflict enough guilt in hopes that a major contributor will send in a check.

  • minimus

    Out of 70 publishers (including elderly, children, those on fixed incomes), I think 2/3rds don't donate. A handful would give 100 to 500 per mth. The rest gave almost nada unless they were asked to pay KH local bills.

  • bebu

    This is amazing to hear of such incredibly low numbers.

    I have no problem giving money to a church with a paid clergy, so tithing doesn't bother me at all, and never has. Churches might make appeals for special budget needs, but I've rarely heard them.

    It would shock you to know how much money is given to our church... and how much is given away by the church thru various ministries. About a million bucks a year. And we have only 500 members!


  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    i'm no kid 40 + i clearly rmember when the wt's were sold for 25 to 35 cents . now the wt gives jw's the idea it cost the wt a few dollars to print each mag. when it only costs the wt about a nickle a mag. about 600% profit. x that by 24 million a week. my understanding is the study books they printed 15 years ago costed a few pennies less than a mag. but the price was double.. go figure. were the wt was ptting their kingdom it sure was not in heaven

  • willyloman
    The society probably understands that their contributions depends not on the masses but on a very few within each congregation.

    I agree with Sword of Jah (for once) and others who low-ball these numbers. As a former accts svt, I think $10 per publisher per month about right in the U.S., and that's only because some heavy hitters bring up the average. JWs are notoriously cheap for the most part.

    Still, that's $120 a year times a million, just in the United States.

  • Elsewhere

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevry few months I would remember to donate and would drop, maybe, $5 or $10 in the box. About once every year or two I would go nuts and put $20 in the box.

  • CountryGuy

    What always got me, and still does, is that there was always a request for more donations. However, most of us were part-time-minimum-wage-earning-hamburger-flipping-with-a-window-washing-business-on-the-side poor. And, why were we poor? Because we were discouraged from getting any type of higher education to get a job that paid anything. You'd think they'd have figured it out by now...


  • NewYork44M

    During the 35 years I was associated I probably did not contribute in total more than $500. This amount does not include the money I spent when we had to pay for our lit. If we did a survey of those on the board I am sure that there were many like me.

    May be that is why I am not missed...

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