I can't hold it for myself ...

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  • Gretchen956

    Congratulations!!! Good things do happen to good people. Right on, sister!


  • frenchbabyface

    Thanks Six, I'm happy that you are happy for me
    (and Yeah Damnit that's Rokyn' good news ... it was about time that's truly about 2 entire years that I'm working on this, and 13 that I'm thinking about it !!!)

    Thanks Gretchen, that was very sweete

    It's weirds how things never comming the way you think it will, that's when you looking somewhere to make it somehow, your affraid to share the information (cause it is your baby(project) - then you let go cause you can't stand it anymore you want it to live anyway) ... but now if I didn't share that information I would not have this opportunity cause this guy wouldn't have think about me ... Life OH Life ...

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    FBF (Future Millionaire)

    It works DAMNIT !!! I was about to put the project on the side for a long time or close it for good !!!

    I'm glad that your project came alive just before you were to put it to the side. That is quite an accomplishment!!!!! I'm very happy for you and I wish you much success in your project!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

    El Kabong.

  • frenchbabyface

    Thanks, El Kabong !

    Millionnaire ? ...

    That's the part I try to stay calm about - it is the mental part of the concept somehow - you want money but not more than you what you deserve - an idea is one thing but it's not what makes the money (it can lead to it only). those who are making the money are those who creat in producing and those who sell - those are the one who needs to be very, very, very motivated to keep on working for you and only you - then you only have to choose the best onces !!! It means more for the producers and sellers and way less for the top ... but we don't care we know that the market can be huge and bring enough to make us happy and anyway). Somehow we share the same Ideal ...

    In seeing the way the guy was turning in circle (*) while talking to me

    (*) LOL (it made Tony laughing each time he saw me like that) ... like I'm did sometimes when working on this project particularly when I found something biger and tryed to get the point in checking point by point where could be the bug, how it can be that effective ... and don't find anything wrong that tells me Ooops somethings wrong here ... But just ... No ... No ... nothings wrong here ... go further ... no ... no .... go further ... till I can't no more ... in thinking that only something irationnal (related to humans faillures) can mess things up !

    I could feel like ... hummm ... he is not jocking about what he is talking to me !!! ... And the more interesting was when he told me THAT !

    • "You know Corinne, the reason why I get involved at first in this comity was to save my market on the long run that the big companies are ruining, but with your concept not only we're gonna save our market and make it bigger, but we're gonna kill the big companies who are fooling us ... and it will give the opportunity to those who are good in there job to have theire own business and not being used (**) "

    That worth more than 1 Million dollar to me !!! .. It's a dream ...

    (**) like he has been for a long time even in being on a high level and get fired when he knew that what is was doing in giving more to the client for the same price but differently in knowing that it is the only way to keep the market alive, didn't pleased the big bosses of chains companies ... And I can testified that now they do have real regrets that they lost him - he has he own company now with 25 % over value each year !!! LOL at his ex bosses)"

    I just hope that nothing irrationnal ... and any greediness will get in the way (NOT THAT SURE, it's the part of the life that we all have to deal with and get us in trouble) but it would be just stupid ...

  • Sassy

    I wasn't really sure what you were talking about Frenchkiss.. but I am glad you are happy!

  • frenchbabyface

    Thank you Sassy

    I know my English is poor, and I can't focused for real on how I'm writting (more on what I want to say ... IT doesn't help and moreover in English)

  • Brummie

    Dont you just luurrrv it when that happens! WELL DONE frenchy

    x x x x x x


  • frenchbabyface

    Thanks Brummie

    Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah .... But I'm trying to cool down little by little ... I want to keep my head on my shoulder it is not the moment to mess up

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