I can't hold it for myself ...

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  • frenchbabyface

    I need to join my son (can't join himmmmmmmmmm)

    But I'm happy, happy, happy ...
    I need to share that ...
    Things happen sometimes to me, most often when not espected anymore !!!

    A comitty of associates who wants to create a partneship compagny in 2005 from march to July, offers me 10 % of the stocks to use a few modules of my concept. Said that it should not pay before 2006 and that they may need me as administrative/strategy director (but I'm not sure I'm interested in this position cause, I can feel that they don't want me to get involved in some decision ...uh ??? ... it's not coherent ... So I don't see anything good here ... GIVE ME THE MONEY I'll go the beach if it pays the ticket ... LOL ... it will be fine enough if they're product are good ... It might be all good ...).

    It works DAMNIT !!! I was about to put the project on the side for a long time or close it for good !!!
    I wonder if I'm dreaming ... do I dreaming here ? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  • frenchbabyface

    uh ??? nobody's happy for me ... Oh well

    Nothing can get me out of the cloud at the moment ... sure Tony will be interested ...

  • Xena

    WOOHOO I'm happy for you.

    So they are using a concept of yours and going to pay you dividends on it?

  • Soledad


    Congratulations!! I'm still asleep but that's good news!!

  • Mutz

    Congratulations on your good news! If you have any cash left over my bank account number is 0036.............. :)

  • hubert

    Congratulations, FBF.. !!

    If you can get dividends or royalties without doing a lot of the work and responsibilities of it, go for it! But, make sure you get this in writing. Good luck to you.


  • seeitallclearlynow

    Congratulations, Frenchbabyface! I'm happy for you and wish you the best in your new venture, whether you decide to take the actual position or not.

  • shotgun

    Happy for ya Frenchy...a little confused but happy

    I didn't post at first because Gumby wore out that line on me and frankly I'm sick of hearing it...Gumby, I don't care if your nails are wet or you forgot your glasses, hold it yourself man.

  • frenchbabyface

    Thank you all !

    Yeah !!! I'm pretty excited ... Amazing isn't it ? ... I mean I didn't think to use it this way in fact, I really wanted to make it entirely to have the social result expected (in using the entire concept...) but I don't have the shoulders (really and all the skills needed) and didn't find the right partners to get there ... but still it's from one of them who got involved into a buisness that will be launched, who thought about it when it was about to find a solution to make it easier ... it just clicked in his head.

    I have to adjust it, but I'm so exited that I didn't get into it yet, I have 2 weeks ... (way enough) ... And I am missioned for the paperwork with the expert accountant and the lawyers to create the society ... (so it is a garanty for me to not being screwed ... I'm not gonna forget myself). It's all financed ... they are just waiting to have a 2 specific partners involved and get all the money on the account to create the entity.

    I can't sleep anymore (didn't go to work for my job today either, worked at home a bit though) ... I'm really tired at the moment but like plugged on a battery !!!

    About the job itself (well I will have to do a part of it anyway)
    but actually I want to create (Strategy/Economy) That will still be appealing, but leading is tiring even on a lower level it gets me on my knees, people are weird and I'm weird too (when I'm exhausted I can't stand anything) it doesn't allow me to get enough time to think so it's like I have to work 80 to 110 hours a week (it happen for 2 years) - At a higher level I would get lost anyway ... It's also in fact a realistic point of view. Give me the money, eventually the job I like and keep the bulshit !

    Sure I will keep you informed, it's so exiting (the buisness part have to stay secret as it is all new) in the begining, but not the results on my sides and how I feel about it ...

    I haven't been able to join Tony all day since now ... I miss my babyboy ... wanted to share it with him first ... a plus he is cooler on every matter than I'am, he will probably have some questions that I didn't think about and he is the only one I really trust ... hope he won't be too exited too ... Pffffffffffffffffff ... Oh well ...

    I still feel like I'm dreaming ... time will tell ... the cake is not there yet !


  • SixofNine

    That's rockin' good news! I'm happy for you; you've worked hard on this, and you deserve to see it put into play.

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