What Makes You Feel Loved?

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  • Billygoat

    Has anyone read that book called "The Seven Love Languages"? I haven't but heard it's a pretty good read. It basically says that everybody "loves" differently. Some people are "doers", others "attentive", still others "givers". I'm grateful because my husband and I are the same type of "Lovers"...and I don't mean sexually. We both love doing things for each other. We love cooking with each other, surprising each other with little gifts, we love helping the other one out. We don't have a lot of money for gifts, but it doesn't matter...it's the time together that means the most. He is naturally a gentle and tender person, so the way he looks at me, speaks to me and touches me endears him to me even more.

  • Corvin
    LOL ... Very interesting that you questionned yourself that way deeper after a long period of mariage (really ... It's not a critic) And I'm happy it made things even better for y

    The trouble with leaving one relationship and going into another is that you take yourself with you. This skill ("love strategies"), I guess you can call it, is something I started working on while still in my first marriage, but it was so hard to impliment it with my ex-wife because . . . well . . . she's a nutjob. But with Mary it's been totally different.


  • Nancy Drake
    Nancy Drake

    My wonderful man will come up to me at any point in a day and start scratching my back. I really love to be scratched! He does it all the time, for no reason, without being asked. And he affectionately calls me his 'old stinky-butt.'

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Hugs and kisses for no special reason... Just because.


  • harleyquinn

    when he randomly sends me e-cards to tell me that he loves me...when he saves me the last bite of dessert....when we're out somewhere and just doing something and he leans over and tells me how cute i look....i think, basically, just being kind...there are so few kind people anymore that kindness goes a long way for me....

  • Billygoat
    And he affectionately calls me his 'old stinky-butt'

    I guess I won't complain about my nickname then. LOL!

  • Mulan

    Do they have to look at you a certain way? Absolutely..............adoration is good, and I get that look

    Do they have to talk to you in a certain tone? Not required, as long as it isn't in contempt..............I don't get that

    Do they have to touch you in a certain way? Not necessarily. He is very touchy, feely, hugging all the time, so I am not deprived of affection.

    Do they have to DO something specifically that evokes a loving response? Sure, lots of great things, like telling me he loves my face, or thinks I have a great smile, that I am a wonderful mother/grandmother. (lots more things he says) He says some very funny, sarcastic things, that are very affectionate. I "bait" him for those phrases sometimes, because it's fun. He also comes home from work and comes right to where I am for a "proper greeting"...............that's a hug.

  • Carmel

    to be forgiven...need I say more?


  • lisaBObeesa

    To be heard.

    Really, really, heard and understood.

    Thats it. No other special mumbo-jumbo. Just to be heard. That really makes me feel cared for, valued and loved.

  • gumby

    When my sweetie grabs me in the nut sack and says......"God I love you!"..that does it for me.

    Actually...all the things you mentioned Corvin .....but not exclusively. Does anyone know for absolute SURE...if their mate loves them? Look how many have thought they were loved, have been hurt by the sad words...I don't love you. I guess your question said....How many of you FEEL loved.


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