If You Were Allowed To Slam A Poster Here , Would You???

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  • gypsywildone

    Example: everybody avoids posting on any of their threads....

    So, is this suggesting there is "shunning" going on here? Interesting . . .

    No, I prefer to let people make a fool out of themselves without participating in it, if that is what they start. I'm, a lover, not a fighter

  • minimus

    If a poster was a danger to the rest of the board, I'd feel obliged to express it.

  • JH

    If I was allowed to kiss a poster here, would I

  • Gadget
    If I was allowed to kiss a poster here, would I

    I hope you would!

    My personal opinion is that if I were to try to slam someone the only person I would really be belittling would be myself. Sometimes I have to admit is difficult to walk away from the computer when someone gets nasty. Sometimes I want to be nasty back.But I work hard at having some self respect.

    And I firmly believe that what goes around comes around. If I want respect from others then I should give it also. I prefer to feel good about helping others than if I bashed them and walked away thinking that was good. Seen and lived enough of it in my life to know I want no part of it.

    I wholeheartedly agree with LL here. The only time I can remember doing anything like this online was when I was having a hardtime and somebody did something I thought was out of order, but that thread was deleted anyway so its all in the past now.

  • bull01lay

    There used to be an advert about cooking in the uk with the slogan "Slam in the Lamb" !!!!

    Brings a whole new meaning to Stuffing with yer meat !

    candidly: I used to be that naked young man.... fond memories !!! Note to self "Must practice it again someday!"


  • candidlynuts

    bull if your past a certain age (old age) dont try it again your upper thighs will kill you lol.

  • wednesday

    Slamming's the low road M.

    Remember the little gem-"agree to disagree"? Or even what your mother told u "if you don't have something good to say, don't say anything"

    Or even "what goes around comes around" or Karma.

    things always come back to bite u in the butt. At least that has been my experience.

  • mkr32208

    I live in a dangerous world and do a dangerous job, I get too much slamming (the rough violent kind) and see WAY WAY WAY too much of the other kind (all male jail )

    So when I come on here I have no desire to slam or be slammed... Well usually some people really cheese me off, and if the avitar's are correct we have some HOTTIES too!

  • Brummie

    I think slamming is grossly underated.


  • avishai
    If You Were Allowed To Slam A Poster Here, Would You???

    It IS allowed here within reason, and I have. SwordofJah being one of them, Joker10 being another. It happens. This place is mostly sweetness and light, but once in awhile an insensitve jerk comes on and makes a comment in kind. I think some of these posts are extremely value to show the mentality of what we had to put up with and what we once were like. It only helps stiffen our resolve.

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