Ozzie's Weekend Poll #117

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  • ozziepost
    Never heard anything bad about Cabbage Patch Kid

    If you'd been downunder.................

    This situation became such an issue downunder that the branch had to make an "official" caution by way of a letter to BOE.

    At the time I was more involved and learned that it had been fostered by an area of our country that amongst the witnesses is rife with superstition. Hard to imagine perhaps, but actually the Dub theology and its fear of the devil and demons only encourages more superstition.

  • Joyzabel

    Smurfs = little blue devils, according to the hispanic brother in our congo. He even shared with us the story of a smurf jumping up and running out of the KH!!! (He was so intelligent striving to be an elder.) My kids loved watching the smurf cartoon and it was hard for me to tell them no. lol

    Cabbage Patch Dolls, I made them for my kids. I didn't hear of any problems with them. Oh well, must have been the continent you lived on.


  • Soledad

    amazing how the JW smurf phobia made its way around the world!!

  • candidlynuts

    everyone knew smurfs were bad cuz papa smurf smoked grass in his pipe.

    they were all druggies lmao

    and elders hated cabbage patch dolls cuz all the ladies in our hall who hadnt had babies cuz it was "so close to the time of the end" collected them and babied them to fill an aching void. how dare they regret serving Jehovah and want normal things like babies!

  • Scarlet

    Never heard about cabbage patch kids being bad had a few of those. Also my mom let me do my whole room in smurfs when i was little and a Elders wife who was in our bookstudy told her it was bad. My mom told her she can believe what she wants but she thought they were cute and that was the end of that. I loved my smurf room, it was so cool, all of the kids in the hall were so jealous.

  • Midget-Sasquatch

    LMAO!!! at the smurf who gave an elder the finger!!!! If only....

    The story that went circulating in the congregation I was in when I was 9(?) or so, was that a male smurf doll and the smurfette doll, started humping ... all of us 7-10 yr old kids were hounding the girl who supposedly saw this for details...Hey we were curious!

  • seeitallclearlynow

    That's very interesting Ozzie! So you're saying that the friends in Australia "knew" that they were not supposed to have Smurfs or Cabbage Patch Dolls, while here in America, where many of us owned many Cabbage Patch Dolls, it was okay to have Cabbage Patch Dolls?

    I had always heard the rumors about the Smurfs but I never liked them anyway, and I guess my kids didn't either - I don't recall they ever asked for them - but I think people could have them "officially".

    So what would happen if an Australian witness family visited an American witness family and saw all the Cabbage Patch Dolls? (We had 3 or 4 of them - not because the kids liked them especially but because I loved them!)

    No unity there!

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