Were You Delighted When An Elder/M.S./Pioneer Got Into Trouble W/Elders???

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  • kwintestal

    Within 1 year of my first DF'ing, 8 of the 11 elders in my hall stepped down or were removed from being elders, and today only 1 is an elder. The majority steped down or were removed because their kids were doing worse stuff then I ever did and yet were left alone. That made me feel good.


  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    This one married elder who I loathe was DF'd for banging a married pioneer. I had a good old laugh over his downfall

    yeah it all sounds fecking hilarious to me

  • Soledad

    yes I enjoyed it. I didn't feel sorry for enjoying it either those arrogant SOBs.

  • unbeliever
    yeah it all sounds fecking hilarious to me

    It was fecking hilarious.

  • DaCheech

    After a meeting in which an Elder gave me the scripture of proverbs "do not speak.... when you do not know the facts"

    I publictly showed the other elders how he lied to all and was bad mouthing all the other elders.

    He blew in a fit of rage! the elders took him outside the room, when he re-entered he shook my hand apologyzed (not wanting to)

    a couple of months later he was removed, then he moved congregations, then his elder son got married and he was refrained from

    entering his son's wedding (JW).

    What a downward spiral!

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