What's An "Apostate" To Do Now???

by minimus 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    Gumby, the Watchtower would love JWs to believe that all "apostates" become crack addicted prostitutes.

  • gumby

    Amen Min,....just take a look at the way they portray a disfellowshipped person in the publications. He is unshaven, dressed like a hobo, and has the saddest face you could have. Ther'es nothing I enjoy better than to see a fellow dub who snubs me, to see me happy, healthy, and doing just fine. It confuses them.


  • JT

    Since I lost Jehovahs Holy Spirit when I left the truth and that frickin Satan got a hold of me.....I've been shooting up Heroin, became a crack addict, smoke ciggaretts, visit whore houses on a regular basis, I steal for a living, and live under a bridge with the cockroaches. I'm sick of it and I plan on getting re-baptised next summer and cleaning up my life once again. Praise Jehovah!


    this sounds like the life style i live according to all the jw who know us- in fact at one time --they have it that Lady "C" and I were not together and I am now involved with a "White Woman"

    you got to love it

  • Brummie

    Join the mormons?

  • minimus

    JT, everyone knows that you want the white women.

  • codeblue

    hmmm...I have some Mormon neighbors that are so smug.......it scares me!!!!!!!

    They never try to help their neighbors out, but will say "hello".....out of ritual.

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